Case Studies: Pipeline Inspection, Surveying and Mapping

Case Studies: Pipeline Inspection, Surveying and Mapping

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ROV-mounted sonar used to inspect combined sewer and storm system

Problem: The Toronto Water team was charged with inspecting a 100-year-old submerged sewer pipe, which would be dangerous for divers and ineffective due to the murkiness of the water. 

Solution: To safely and quickly conduct an inspection, Deep Trekker worked with PipeTek to perform a zero-visibility inspection of a Toronto CSO using just an ROV-mounted sonar. Using the Deep Trekker REVOLUTION ROV, equipped with sonar. The REVOLUTION ROV was more than capable, with six powerful vectored thrusters for enhanced stabilization. 

Result: Using the sonar-equipped ROV saved the team considerable time and money and removed the need to send divers into dangerous waters. Arash Farajian, business operations consultant for Toronto Water noted how crucial the sonar integration was to a successful inspection. “With sonar, we were able to know if there were any structural issues, and if there were any potential leaks,” he says. “With the camera feed, we were able to see things as you get closer to it. Traditionally, we weren’t able to do that. This solved a problem that’s getting us to be more proactive with our infrastructure, to know about problems ahead of time — before it gets to failure.” 519-342-3177;


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