Product News - August 2023

Product News - August 2023

Vacall AllExcavate/AllExcavate2 811 models deliver hydro and air excavation in a smaller footprint

Vacall’s AllExcavate 811 delivers power and reliability in a smaller footprint. Get in and out of tight jobs faster with the 8-cubic-yard debris tank, 1,100-gallon water tanks and an overall vehicle length of under 35 feet. The AE 811 delivers vacuum forces up to 5,400 cfm at free air and waterjetting power of 0 to 25 gpm at 3,000 psi. The AE2 811 adds air pressure modes at 110 psi at 185 cfm or 150 psi at 150 cfm. The AllSmartFlow CANbus intelligent control system features a programmable LCD display that monitors engine, water flow, air pressure and vacuum performance for precise boom and reel adjustments. Aluminum water tanks and optional galvanized debris tanks with supreme finish carry a lifetime warranty. Both models, manufactured by Gradall, use one engine to power the chassis and excavation functions, reducing service and operation costs. 800-382-8302;

OZ Lifting XR Series davit cranes

OZ Lifting Products has launched its XR Series of davit cranes for wastewater and water operators. The Winona, Minnesota-based manufacturer has released the model in 500- and 1,000-pound capacities, but the long reach of the range is a standout benefit for operators. Where other davit cranes typically have reduced capacity when it is in the longest reaching position, this series maintains its maximum capacity rating in all configurations. This means wastewater and water professionals can lift more weight, further out, which presents many benefits for numerous lifting and material handling applications. The smaller crane weighs only 57 pounds and the larger crane weighs 95 pounds. Both have a maximum 62-inch reach and maximum hook height of 87 inches. 800-749-1064;

ADS Environmental Systems Top Side Retrieval system

ADS Environmental Systems’ new Top Side Retrieval system enables collections system maintenance staff to access ADS ParaDepth and ParaFlow noncontact sensors quickly and easily after installation without requiring confined-space entry. After the initial installation requiring manhole entry, the TRS is used to do routine maintenance without descending into the manhole. The system includes a bracket, telescoping (6 to 20 feet) retrieval pole and hardware accessories for mounting. The ParaFlow and ParaDepth sensors are compatible with the ADS TRITON+ flow monitor and ADS PRISM software management system. 800-821-6710;

Find Sources of Sewer and Plumbing Odors and Inflow with Superior 5E Smoke Blower 

Smoke testing is a cost-effective solution ideal for hard-to-find odors, leaks and other faults in commercial, residential and municipal facilities. It’s a quick and effective way to find plumbing faults when testing laterals and building plumbing. The Superior 5E Electric Smoke Blower gently pushes smoke throughout the system to find cracks, leaks and quickly identify problems. It takes only minutes to set up the blower and seconds to see the results. Superior’s 5E Electric Smoke Blower easily connects to any clean-out, port or vent to smoke test the entire system. Made in the U.S.A., the durable 5E is complete with 8 feet of industrial-grade hose. Use with 1A or 2B Superior smoke candles which create 4,000 or 8,000 cubic feet of smoke, respectively. Superior’s smoke candles are also sold in convenient SealPac cans which extend shelf life. 732-251-0800;


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