New Technology Slated for Chicago 2023

New Technology Slated for Chicago 2023

AERZEN Rental Temporary Oil-Free Blowers

AERZEN Rental provides temporary oil-free blower packages engineered for aggressive rental environments with onboard variable-frequency drives, remote monitoring and outdoor builds with sound-attenuating enclosures. The rental units are available for immediate deployment in the event of a production failure or shortfall to longer-term operational leasing and rent-to-own. 844-400-2379;; Booth 5014

AllMax Software Operator10 Wastewater

Operator10 Wastewater from AllMax Software  is a leading software solution for wastewater management, catering to both industrial and municipal facilities. The user-friendly interface simplifies data collection, analysis and real-time monitoring of treatment processes, ensuring compliance with regulatory standards. Its automated data logging, customizable reporting tools and trend analysis empower operators to make informed decisions and promptly identify potential issues. The software’s robust capabilities allow users to minimize downtime, reduce operational costs and maintain environmental compliance effectively, optimizing overall wastewater treatment system performance. Trusted by operators worldwide, it is a reliable and efficient solution to streamline wastewater operations. 800-670-1867;; Booth 819

Anaergia OmniMix

The high-thrust Anaergia OmniMix submersible mixer delivers 30,000 gpm of flow. Its gearless direct-drive motor averages less than 6 kW power draw. Ideal for varying solids content and feedstocks, it automatically adjusts torque and speed to avoid cavitation, abrasion and power loss. The mixer effectively mixes material from approximately 1% TS to 15% TS, and its anti-ragging sickle-shaped propeller sweeps backwards to prevent fibers from snagging. Operators can adjust mixer height and direction to break up floating layers and resuspend grit. Roof-mounted service box enables mixer access and servicing without taking digesters offline. 866-978-9785;; Booth 3643

Aqua-Aerobic Systems AquaPrime

The AquaPrime cloth media filtration system from Aqua-Aerobic Systems utilizes a disk configuration and OptiFiber PF-14 pile cloth filtration media to effectively filter high solids waste streams without the use of chemicals. Ideal for primary wastewater treatment and wet-weather applications, it has proven removal efficiencies and provides high-quality effluent, even under varying influent conditions. The system is designed to handle a wide range of flows in a fraction of space compared to conventional primary clarifiers. The filter’s high solids removal in comparison to conventional treatment puts the technology in the advanced primary treatment category. 815-654-2501;; Booth 4448

Aries Voyager

Technicians can navigate pipes and capture mainline details with the Voyager from Aries. The high-definition mainline inspection system is equipped with CANbus technology and a 1080p WiperCam camera for inspecting mainlines relined 6 to 48 inches and up. 800-234-7205;; Booth 1262

Asahi/America Series 19 MAV MultiPack

Asahi/America has expanded its Series 19 electric actuation line to include a multiturn unit capable of operating on diaphragm and gate valves. The Series 19 MAV MultiPack actuator, like all Series 19 actuators, comes standard with multivoltage capability, a visual position indicator, an LED light to indicate valve position or fault, and auxiliary contacts. Controlled by firmware, it is available in two sizes to meet valve torque requirements and comes as an on/off or modulating unit. It mounts on Asahi/America Type-14 1/2- to 4-inch diaphragm valves and 1 1/2- to 4-inch gate valves. 800-343-3618;; Booth 2255

BDP Industries 3DP Belt Press 

The 3DP Belt Press from BDP Industries is the proven, reliable machine for all types of dewatering applications. Recent improvements to this modern belt press have led to increased odor control and solids containment. New features include odor hoods, mist-reducing showers, piped away filtrate, and increased automation. According to the maker, the increased containment of material has led to an even more efficient machine, while also becoming more operator-friendly. Contact BDP for more information or come see our machines and speak with us in person in Chicago! 518-695-6851;; Booth 3612

Blue-White FLEXFLO M5 Peristaltic Metering Pump

The FLEXFLO M5 Peristaltic Metering Pump from Blue-White is an advancement in high-volume, precision chemical feed. It is fully enclosed, easily configurable and does not require external control devices to operate. The pump features a large 5-inch display for easy viewing of simple, intuitive touchscreen controls. Its remote control signal options include Pulse, 4-20mA, Modbus TCP, EtherNet/IP, and PROFIBUS for enhanced supervision and automation for critical metering and transfer applications. The energy-efficient unit delivers outputs of 0.0302 to 534 gph at just 75 rpm motor speed, maximizing energy efficiency. Because it’s a peristaltic pump, it will not vapor lock or lose prime. 714-893-8529;; Booth 1248

Bright Technologies, Division of Sebright Products, Belt Filter Press

The compact 0.6-meter skid-mounted belt filter press from Bright Technologies, Division of Sebright Products has stainless steel frame and roller construction as well as radius wedge zone and wing roller for sludge dewatering. Components include a sludge pump, polymer system and washwater booster pump. Options include a sludge flowmeter, air compressor and discharge conveyors. The compact walk-around skid design can be utilized in as little as a 10-by-20-foot floor area. Rates of 25 to 50 gpm make it ideal for small applications or when a processor has outgrown dewatering containers. 800-253-0532;; Booth 2801


The CLA-VAL 63 SERIES is an electronic pump control valve designed for installation on the discharge of booster pumps to eliminate pipeline surges caused by starting and stopping the pump. The valve is controlled using the CLA-VAL PC-22D Pump Control Panel installed with programmable control curves for optimum opening and closing rates customized to the specific application. It also has the option to interface with SCADA systems for retransmission of pressure, flow rate, valve position and valve alarms. 800-942-6326;; Booth 3302

Crane Pumps & Systems Barnes SITHE Chopper Pump

The Barnes SITHE Chopper Pump, distributed by Crane Pumps & Systems, is a versatile and efficient solution that will solve clogging problems in any application — saving time, money and resources. The chopper features the option to select either an oil- or air-filled motor to suit the application. Both options solve clogging with a patented chopping technology that slices even the most troublesome solids in the waste stream. This premium efficient IE3 motor delivers significant energy savings and is easy to service. The dry-run submersible motor combined with proven chopping hydraulic performance can handle anything thrown it’s way. 937-214-9008;; Booth 2908

Eagle Microsystems PS-2000 Multifunction Controller

The Eagle Microsystems PS-2000 is a multifunction controller capable of being configured as a process controller, sensor monitor and data logger. It can fulfill a large number of tasks that would normally require multiple separate instruments. This is accomplished by its ability to accept a wide variety of input signals and the availability of up to 10 user-configurable relays. The multifunction controller uses a color touchscreen interface allowing for intuitive operation and configuration. 610-323-2250;; Booth 4045


EBARA Pumps Americas recently released the DKEU/DKEXU submersible wastewater product line. These pumps are designed with improved hydraulics to match anti-clog performance and operating efficiency conditions. Technical features such as semi-open backswept impellers, grooved suction covers, internal cooling system and IE3 efficiency motors make up a competitive class offering. The pumps will offer discharge sizes 2 through 10 inches and horsepower ranges from 2 to 60, with dry pit and six-pole versions available. 803-327-5005;; Booth 1635

ELODE USA Electro-Osmosis Dehydrator

The compact Electro-Osmosis Dehydrator from ELODE USA can easily retrofit in line with many existing presses. It is specified to reduce sludge disposal cost by 60% by producing much drier sludge cake. It uses the electrical potential difference in the sludge cake to separate water in the process and it works on 95% of municipal cakes tested without any chemical, polymer, heat nor mechanical press. It can be used to turn 15 to 20% DS cake to 40 to 45% DS quickly. 201-568-7778;; Booth 7739L

Emerald Coast Manufacturing WAVE

The WAVE from Emerald Coast Manufacturing is an all-climate, heavy-duty vacuum wastewater sampler. The ABS/acrylic case provides superior weather protection, according to the maker. Its 7-inch color touchscreen grants ease of programing and status viewing. This refrigerated sampler provides composite sampling with high accuracy, and the powerful vacuum system will lift nearly 30 feet. It is completely user-friendly. Sample size can be programmed, and the system will automatically adjust to ensure an accurate repeatable sample. 850-469-1142;; Booth 5153

Flomatic Valves Model 408S6 Ball Check Valve

With today’s increasing use of nondegradable sanitary products, Flomatic Valves offers a solution to meet the harsh complexities of congested wastewater systems — the AIS-compliant Model 408S6 Ball Check Valve. It is AIS compliant and designed according to AWWA C508 standard lay lengths. The self-cleaning model has no sharp edges or snag points, helping to prevent clogging from nondegradable sanitary products. There are no moving parts except for the Buna-N vulcanized metal ball. 800-833-2040;; Booth 4821

Fournier Rotary Press

The Fournier Rotary Press is an innovative dewatering solution that simplifies the process of separating water from solids. It achieves this using slow-rotating filter screens and a restricted cake solids outlet. This technological advancement can produce a drier cake and cleaner filtrate compared to traditional belt presses, centrifuges or screw presses. One of the main advantages of the press is its ability to deliver cost savings in terms of operations and maintenance. Fournier offers free laboratory testing on sludge samples from treatment plants and provides full-scale onsite piloting. Rental units are available. 800-463-6328;; Booth 848

Franklin Electric FPS FVT Series Vertical Lineshaft Turbines

From deep-set vertical lineshaft turbines delivering 2,500 feet of head — to axial-flow turbines moving 35,000 gpm — Franklin Electric’s array of pumping solutions is engineered to handle the toughest applications. FPS FVT Series Vertical Lineshaft Turbines are ideal for commercial, municipal or industrial applications where water supply is readily available. Plus, they come in a variety of configurations, including mixed or axial flow. Outfitted with ASTM A48 high tensile cast iron bowls, investment-cast 304 stainless impellers, and bronze bearings standard, operators get superior materials for proven durability, aligned with a highly efficient broad operating range. 866-271-2859;; Booth 4012

Hach RTC Software

Optimize your processes like never before with RTC Software from Hach. RTC software is now hosted on the SC4500 controller, allowing the user to take advantage of potential energy, chemical and labor savings, from a simple and environmentally friendly solution. 800-227-4224;; Booth 1014

Halliday Products Series F Flushmount Floodtight Covers

Series F Flushmount Floodtight Covers from Halliday Products are made from highly durable aluminum and stainless steel, featuring EDPM compression gaskets, spring assists and stainless steel cam locks. They are structurally designed to support a 25-foot column of water. 800-298-1027;; Booth 448

Hayward Gordon HydroMix

The HydroMix hydraulic mixing system utilizes a Hayward Gordon solids-handling or chemical processing pump to recirculate and discharge the contents of a tank through strategically installed nozzles within the same tank. Systems develop a mixing regime in the fluid volume consisting of circular and top-to-bottom fluid motion. The mixing regime promotes the uniform blending of the contents and solids suspension. These systems develop fluid velocities of greater than 90% of the tank. They can obtain complete mixing in less than 120 minutes, and reduce maintenance with no moving parts located inside the tank. All projects are validated using computational fluid dynamics. Common mixing applications include anaerobic digesters, sludge storage tanks, equalization tanks and basins, crude oil storage tanks and chemical blending tanks. 855-693-8595;; Booth 1635

InfoSense SL-RAT

Are staffing shortages adding extra stress to your job? InfoSense’s new, turnkey service offering — using SL-RAT — can provide actionable information to focus cleaning resources and manhole maintenance requirements. Service teams can inspect over 10,000 feet of gravity sewer lines per day, providing all the data needed in a user-friendly, cloud-based GIS dashboard. Let us become the force multiplier that helps your team work smarter, not harder. 877-747-3245;; Booth 720

Inovair Blowers IM-Series

Inovair’s highly efficient and durable IM-Series geared centrifugal blowers deliver a low total ownership cost. Thanks to the use of industry standard components, its proven design offers simplicity and affordability. It offers documented energy savings as high as 45% relative to PD and multistage blowers, and without the electrical complexity and durability issues seen in high speed turbo blowers. Customers are supported by the advantages of a vertically integrated manufacturer, with the maker controlling design, production, and service. 913-469-7244;; Booth 5263

JDV Equipment Nozzle Mix System

The dual-zone Nozzle Mix System from JDV Equipment provides uniform mixing patterns that produce even distribution and a stable environment. It optimizes solids suspension and contact to promote efficiency in a wide range of applications. The system is designed with pumps installed outside the tanks and are typically chopper pumps or pumps incorporating in-line grinders. The high-velocity nozzles mounted inside the tank completely mix the tank contents. Applications include anaerobic digestion, biosolids storage, blending tanks, excess flow tanks, septage or leachate, anoxic zones, CSO handling, aerobic digestion, secondary treatment and biosolids holding ponds. 973-366-6556;; Booth 3840

Keller America LevelRat

The Keller America LevelRat is built to provide reliable, low-maintenance service in wastewater level measurement applications. It offers 0.5% FS TEB accuracy, dual outputs (one analog and one RS485 digital), and models equipped with a 4-20mA analog output include Keller’s guaranteed lightning protection at no additional cost. The LevelRat is available with or without a protective spacer and is built to order in the U.S. with a lead time of only three business days. 877-253-5537;; Booth 2655

Komline-Wyssmont Turbo-Dryer

The Komline-Wyssmont Turbo-Dryer is a tried and tested dryer design for even, thorough, and rapid drying using a system of rotating trays which material is transferred onto one after the other. This high thermal efficiency, low-maintenance dryer produces Class A Biosolids. It offers a small footprint and low operating cost. 800-225-5457;; Booth 2231

Lakeside Equipment Raptor Multi-Rake Bar Screen

The Raptor Multi-Rake Bar Screen from Lakeside Equipment is an efficient, proven screen technology for removal of inorganic solids that can be harmful to downstream equipment in municipal and industrial applications. The heavy-duty design provides durability and long life in the most severe conditions. High removal efficiency and low headloss is achieved with multiple rakes cleaning the screen and rake teeth penetrating the bar openings to positively remove captured material. The benefit is rapid debris removal for applications with a high screenings load at treatment plant headworks, pump stations or combined sewer systems. It is designed for rapid debris removal and deep channels, and offers coarse or fine screening, with spacing 3/16 inch and larger. Minimum headroom is required. It has a stainless steel design, with low maintenance and high performance. 630-837-5640;; Booth 1631

OZ Lifting Products Aluma-Lite 1000 Davit Crane

OZ Lifting Products’ full range of innovative davit cranes and lifting solutions will be showcased in Chicago. These patented davit cranes are constructed of carbon fiber, composite, aluminum and steel, providing users with safe, lightweight and portable options for demanding applications. They allow wastewater and water professionals to lift more weight further out, which presents many benefits for various lifting and material handling operations. Visit the OZ Lifting Products booth to view our wide range of material handling solutions that can improve safety, efficiency and productivity in the wastewater industry. 800-749-1064;; Booth 8505

Saf-T-Flo Chemical Injection Saf-T-Seal

The Saf-T-Seal elastomeric duckbill tip from Saf-T-Flo Chemical Injection can be a timesaver when added to injection quills dosing sodium hypochlorite or ammonia. These chemicals are prone to forming deposits, which eventually lead to a clogged injection quill. The tip can be added to any 3/8- or 1/2-inch injection quill to help reduce tip clogging, extending maintenance intervals. 800-957-2383;; Booth 1357


The FOG BEAST from SAVECO North America has been developed to process a more viscous type of waste. A sloped inlet guides the heavy materials into the screen and reduces sedimentation. A U-shaped flushing header cleans the tank between loads. This is a dual drive screening system that allows for the independent operation of the screen and transport tube. Drum speed can be slowed or increased to promote faster unloading and capture. Along with the dual drive flexibility, the drum sits at a 25-degree angle, which further aids in capture efficiency. The drum is supported from the top with an oversized slewing ring bearing. The top support feature eliminates the need for support arms at the inlet which collect debris. 815-636-8306;; Booth 1621

SEEPEX Smart Air Injection

Smart Air Injection is a SEEPEX customized system solution for pumping over long distances. The system uses compressed air and polymer injections to convey sewage or other media with a dry matter content of 20 to 40%, over distances of up to 1,000 meters. This combination ensures a low-pressure level in the delivery line, as well as low friction, which translates into a long life cycle and low operating costs. The system is easy to integrate into existing automation and control systems; reduces the pressure rating of the pipework and valves; and is an enclosed pipework system, eliminating unpleasant odors or rainfall dilution. Open hopper systems with Smart Conveying Technology reduce maintenance time by up to 85% with the maintain-in-place design, requiring no disassembly of discharge pipework. 937-864-7150;; Booth 737

Sulzer Pumps Solutions HST Turbocompressor

The HST Turbocompressor from Sulzer Pumps Solutions offers an advanced design with digitally controlled magnetic bearing technology and a premium efficient high-speed motor driven through a built-in frequency converter. It has no mechanical wearing parts or lubricants requiring minimal maintenance. This is made possible by electronically controlled magnetic bearing technology, which levitates the integrated rotor/shaft/impeller single-piece assembly along the self-diagnostic features of the active magnetic bearing controller. The result is a compressor with no performance deterioration over time and no need for scheduled maintenance. They are widely used in wastewater treatment plants and in low-pressure industrial processes. 203-238-2700;; Booth 3625

Vactor 2100i

The 2100i from Vactor provides the cleaning power needed to handle the toughest sewer challenges. This system employs advanced technology that not only enhances the performance of the equipment but the individuals who operate it — meaning less fatigue, more comfort, push-button operation, greater precision and superior power and performance. An international dealer network maintains a vast inventory of spare parts and offers fast shipment to any region of the world. Altogether, the rugged, reliable unit is easy to operate and maintain, and is an easy choice when you are looking for quality equipment that is built to last. 815-672-3171;; Booth 3862

Vaughan Conditioning Pump

Don’t miss the Vaughan Conditioning Pump on full display during this year’s Operations Challenge. As a proud sponsor of the Vaughan Maintenance Event, we invite you to come support over 50 teams from around the globe working specific scenarios that include one of our most popular pumps. American-made and built to last, the pump is designed to be used in several different applications to save you from costly clean out cycles and maintenance. 360-249-4042;; Booths 1412 & 6831


The VEGAPLUS line of 80 GHz radar sensors from VEGA Americas uses precision focusing to deliver reliable measurements regardless of internal obstructions, changing temperatures, condensation or dust. The series is a standalone loop-powered sensor available as either a compact version with cable connection housing or with an IP68 housing and fixed cable connection. These sensors are easily adjusted via Bluetooth with a smartphone or tablet, making setup and diagnostics significantly easier. 800-367-5383;; Booth 4444

Veolia Zeelung

Upgrading wastewater treatment plants for capacity expansion or nutrient removal can be complex and expensive. The Zeelung membrane-aerated biofilm reactor from Veolia is a technology used to improve the conventional activated sludge process without having to construct new bioreactor tanks. It expands plant capacity and improves nutrient removal in a simple, fast and modular way while also reducing energy and mitigating GHG emissions. It is a platform for a suite of wastewater treatment applications, amongst them is zeeDENSE, a state-of-the-art product to obtain super-intensification of activated sludge, resulting in increased treatment capacity for biological reactors and secondary clarifiers. 866-439-2837;; Booth 2012    


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