Product Focus: Pipeline Rehabilitation and Relining

Product Focus: Pipeline Rehabilitation and Relining

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Emagineered Solutions THE SHOOTER

THE SHOOTER from Emagineered Solutions is a continuous air-inverter for CIPP. THE SHOOTER 12 has a range of 4 to 12 inches and up to 15 inches with the conversion kit, and a knife gate for after the liner tail passes. It comes with either the self-lubricating hand truck or basic non-oiler cart. THE SHOOTER 24 for 15 to 24 inches is trailer-mounted and comes with a knife gate and remote operating station on the fender. An optional conversion kit expands its range from 6 to 24 inches. Additional equipment offered includes full steam packages with portable dry steam generators, steam hose, A and B stations, water cure flanges, and LED UV Y adapters. 541-504-0416;

FORMADRAIN Formapox 101

Formapox 101 from FORMADRAIN is a durable steam-cured liner that eliminates the mess and cost of traditional dig-and-replace methods. It is made from a watertight, thin, yet extremely strong composite material and a specially formulated resin. The liner is bright blue in color. It is the mainstay of the company’s pushed- or pulled-in-place, steam-cured, fiberglass and epoxy underground pipe repair system. It can be used in line sizes from 2 to 48 inches. The repair is so thin that pipes sustain their original flow capacities, even with a liner installed in such small diameters. 888-337-6764;

MaxLiner WovoGlass

WovoGlass from MaxLiner is designed to withstand extreme wear. Its seamless, circular-knitted construction combines polyester yarns with extensible fiberglass reinforcement to deliver superior physical properties. It is three times stronger than most CIPP liners with the ability to negotiate multiple bends up to 90 degrees and transition several pipe sizes including 4 to 6 inch. It easily wets-out, inverts and transitions with very low pressure so there’s no need for step inflation to exercise the liner. It can be cured by ambient, heat or LED light. 877-426-5948;

Picote Solutions Dual-Color Epoxy Brush Coating System

The Dual-Color Epoxy Brush Coating System from Picote Solutions allows technicians to rehabilitate pipes from 1.25 to 12 inches for drains, sewers, water pipes, electrical conduits, and heat and air-conditioning ducts by brush-casting a coating. The coating resin forms a pipe inside the original pipe that is tested, safe and environmentally friendly. The new pipe is damp-proof, corrosion-resistant and wear-resistant. It is ASTM- and NSF-certified (NSF/ANSI 61-5). It is a 100% solids epoxy, and the method allows for clear visual verification during the application process. Apply to small areas or all drains in multistory buildings. The system is practical and easily fits in tight places. 219-440-1404;

Prime Resins PR10L Liquid Acrylamide Gel

PR10L Liquid Acrylamide Gel from Prime Resins is a super low viscosity acrylamide grout that yields a gel upon reaction. The grout solution is as this as water, allowing it to follow infiltrating water for sealing leaks or to deeply penetrate soils for stabilization. The gel time is adjustable for a few seconds to several hours. The cured grout provides an economical water barrier or soil stabilizer. 800-321-7212;

Source One Environmental Thunder Drum 800

For high-capacity pipe lining repairs, Source One Environmental offers the Thunder Drum 800 — a versatile CIPP inversion lining drum that rehabilitates pipe diameters 12 inches and below. This range in sizing makes it ideal for sewer laterals or in-home residential repairs. Suitable for ambient, hot water, steam and UV light curing, it is also hand wheel-mountable on both sides, Storz compatible to quickly swap accessories, and has multiple windows to allow for maximum visibility of in-unit liner movement. Built from stainless steel and with premium fittings, it is made for a long service life. In addition, it provides efficient and uniform inversion of the liner into the pipe, ensuring a smooth and consistent installation. 877-450-3701;

Warrior Trenchless Solutions Thermoform

Thermoform from Warrior Trenchless Solutions is a PVC-alloy structural pipe lining system designed for the trenchless rehabilitation of failing sewer and culvert pipes. It is an environmentally friendly, styrene-free thermoplastic. There are no harmful emissions, and it does not rely on any chemical reaction during installation. Factory-controlled production with rigorous material testing ensures a consistent quality product that conforms to and exceeds the expected standards. The material is highly flexible, allowing it to expand and fit tightly to the host pipe, including changes in shape and dimensions. It is produced in sizes ranging from 4 to 36 inches in diameter, and the wall thickness can be varied according to the application. All installers must be accredited and audited to ensure the highest quality work possible. 716-601-7760;


Aries Industries Test and Seal Grouting System

The Test and Seal Grouting System from Aries Industries reduces setup time and provides efficient hands-on control to quickly seal leaking joints. Grout — pumped to a leaking joint — flows through the leak, sealing the surrounding soil to form an impenetrable barrier. Sixty-gallon tanks and continuous-duty mixers provide high volume to seal large voids. Reels for fast deployment and retrieval, as well as high-power winches, quickly move the packer from joint to joint for high productivity. The unit’s 800 feet of color-coded hose allows for long runs. The truck comes with a bench, storage and room to work. The operator tests and seals the joints while working in the control room, where test data and the sealing process are easily viewed, recorded and logged. 800-234-7205;

Avanti International AV-100

AV-100 chemical grout from Avanti International is used to rehabilitate storm and sanitary sewer systems by eliminating infiltration in manholes, mainlines, joints, laterals and lateral connections, and before or after various forms of CIPP lining. It is injected after lining seals in the annular space between host pipe and liner, and lateral reinstatement, which are the primary sources of infiltration. It is an ultralow viscosity, chemically reactive gel with a similar viscosity to water. It can permeate anywhere water can travel and has adjustable cure times from seconds to hours, creating an effective, long-lasting water barrier while providing soil stabilization. 800-877-2570;

Horizontal Directional Drilling

American Augers DD600

The DD600 maxi-rig directional drill from American Augers is equipped with a 755 hp Stage V/T4F/T3 CAT C18 engine that does not require diesel exhaust fluid, making it the only machine of its kind in this class. The simple exhaust system increases uptime and reliability, eliminating daily job site struggles with DEF. Additionally, the 755 hp engine allows for higher demand loads without challenging the engine capacity, and the Stage V engine classification meets emission standards for engines in Europe. The weight meets standard transportation requirements, meaning no special permits are required. It can also be transported without removing the wrenches, saving hours in assembly and disassembly time. A hydraulic catwalk helps expedite the time required to set up and teardown, as well as the number of people it takes to do so. 800-324-4930;

Ditch Witch AT120

The AT120 from Ditch Witch enables maxi-rig drill operators to move down a class size to meet job site constraints without compromising job site productivity. It features 15,000 ft-lbs of rotational torque. With 120,000 pounds of thrust and pullback, it allows operators to take on a wide variety of projects, as well as move through longer bores and larger diameter installations more efficiently. With 20 feet of end-to-end drill pipe on board, it helps operators put more pipe in the ground, further boosting job site uptime. It offers a saver lock design to protect the drill pipe and drive system against wear and tear. With updated and intuitively located compartment panels, operators have increased access to critical components that frequently need to be maintained, streamlining maintenance routines and the serviceability of the drill. 580-336-4402;

Point/Spot Repair

HammerHead Trenchless Point Repair 

Point repair from HammerHead Trenchless is an appropriate solution for a wide variety of issues seen in different types of pipes 3 to 72 inches in diameter. It can be used in conjunction with CIPP installations or as standalone application over offset joints, pipe separations and damaged siphons. It can also be used to seal off interior drops and cap off unwanted laterals. It can even replace missing sections of pipe, repair 90-degree bends, bridge transitions or add extensions to a culvert. Choose between “winter” and “summer” point repair solutions to match working time to your job conditions. HammerHead point repair resin is odor-free, styrene-free and VOC-free. 920-648-4848;

Infrastructure Repair Systems Infragard 

Infragard concrete and manhole rehabilitation products from Infrastructure Repair Systems include Top Coat and Chim-Coat, which are nonhazardous ambient-cure epoxy systems for a small patch, entire manhole or retaining wall. This cost-effective solution requires no expensive equipment as it has an easy trowel-on application. They are corrosion-resistant and high strength with an impermeable structural bond to the substrate or to almost any concrete or metal surface. Chim-Coat is engineered with a flexible feature that maintains adhesion while expanding or contracting with changing temperatures and traffic loads. 877-327-4216;

RIDGID Pipe Patching System

The RIDGID Pipe Patching System is an all-inclusive, start-to-finish solution for faster and simpler trenchless repairs. The versatile system can perform up to 6-foot fiberglass repairs in 2- to 6-inch pipe in straight sections, bends, transitions and P-traps. Easy to add on starter systems include all the basic equipment needed to begin pipe patching while patch kits include all required consumables for a single patch. The entire process can be completed in two hours or less, offers a fast return on investment and is easy to learn. Pipe patching is an efficient, durable repair solution that saves time and labor, while also providing minimal disturbance to landscaping and business productivity making it ideal for residential, commercial and industrial markets. 800-474-3443;

Sealing Systems Aqua Seal

Aqua Seal from Sealing Systems is an extremely reactive two-component hydrophobic polyurethane water stop system that can be injected into flowing water. It is an exceptionally fast reacting (3-5 seconds), quick sealing and high-early-strength grout that is pumped under pressure. It is designed to stop high infiltration sources in precast or brick structures and can stop leaks in excess of 50 gpm. It comes packaged with 12 600 mLl dual-component urethane caulk tubes along with 12 static mixers. Since only a heavy-duty dual-component caulking gun is required, cities can easily install it with in-house maintenance crews. A user-friendly pneumatic gun is also available to provide a faster and more efficient installation. 800-478-2054;

Pipe Bursting Tools

Pow-R Mole Trenchless Solutions PD-33M

The PD-33M pipe bursting machine from Pow-R Mole Trenchless Solutions is designed to replace existing underground pipes 2 to 6 inches in diameter. Its nonslip, cylinder-activated jaws prevent cable damage while providing 60,000 pounds of pulling force. It offers a cost-effective alternative to opencut excavation, reducing customer disruption and increasing company profits. The process replaces the existing pipe with a fused HDPE pipe, which eliminates all joints and allows the operator to pull through bends such as 45-degree fittings. This system is modular and can be easily disassembled and reassembled for manhole and basement applications. With a compact design and very small footprint of only 20 by 20 inches, this unit can be used in tight locations. 800-344-6653;

TRIC Tools E24

The E24 revisits the essential TRIC Tools 4-inch lateral bursting package that created the industry of trenchless home sewer replacement decades ago. Redesigned with economy and practicality in mind, it is geared primarily toward residential bursting jobs up to 4 inches in diameter. The standard system includes a portable and reliable 10,000 psi electric pump, plus lightweight 5/8-inch compact swaged cable. It is suitable for indoor use, difficult backyard easements, and very tight spaces with limited access. 888-883-8742;

Pipe Cutters

Dallas Specialty Internal Pipe Cutter

The Internal Pipe Cutter from Dallas Specialty has a free spinning shaft and blade that attaches easily to the chuck. It is quickly adjustable using the convenient twist/set handle. Simply release the twist/set handle and slide the guide collar over the shaft gauge to the correct depth, tighten the twist/set handle, insert into pipe and cut. Cuts pipe 1 1/2 to 6 inches, and has an adjustable cutting depth of 1 to 6 inches. A safety collar prevents the blade and shaft from falling down the pipe. It is ideal for tight spaces, and for cutting pipes against walls and below concrete surfaces. A handle gives stability and control to the cutter. 800-222-5644;

Reed Manufacturing Guillotine Pipe Cutters 

Guillotine Pipe Cutters from Reed are designed to cut PE pipe within 1/8 inch of square on medium and high-density pipe. Manual, guillotine-style cutter slices smoothly through polyethylene. Three models cover from 1 1/2- to 12-inch pipe diameters. Accurate cuts from mean no facing is needed for electrofusion and only minimal facing for butt fusion joints. These tools leave a super smooth cut surface. A durable, nonstick coated blade makes many square cuts with no chips to clog valves and small openings. A slight taper on the blade allows an easy start to the cut and holds form for a nice, straight cut. Blades are easy to sharpen or replace. 814-452-3691;

Pipe Fusion

McElroy TracStar 412i

The TracStar 412i from McElroy is designed to fuse pipe sizes from 4 to 12 inches. It incorporates the FusionGuide Control system seen on other TracStar iSeries models, providing operators with three levels of control during the fusion process. Each level has varying degrees of assistance, from manual control to fully automatic fusion. An indexer keeps the heater and facer attached to the four jaw carriage, condensing the heater, facer and jaws into a single unit. It includes a new, larger-volume hydraulic tank that is secured beneath the machine’s dome. In addition to providing additional cooling, the new design also reduces the risk of accidentally adding the wrong fluid to the hydraulic tank. It is controlled via the DataLogger, a ruggedized tablet that records fusion parameters and other pertinent data during the fusion process. 918-831-9236;

Pipe Lining

AGRU America Sure-Grip

Sure-Grip liners from AGRU America are made of HDPE, HDPE-el, PP, PVDF or ECTFE, and serve as a long-term alternative to spray-applied concrete protection products. The liners prevent concrete corrosion and degradation, can substantially extend the lifetime of a structure and, by preventing exfiltration and infiltration, provide direct protection for the environment. The liners have anchoring systems that enable construction in areas of significant backpressure. Unlike spray-applied liners, which have to be reapplied regularly due to cracking or delamination, these liners are long-lasting, and are designed to avoid the residuals cost often associated with concrete spray-on liners, which require tank emptying and cleaning every few years for reapplication. 843-546-0600;

Epoxytec Series 456 CPP Sprayliner

Series 456 CPP Sprayliner from Epoxytec is a highly specialized product designed for water and wastewater environments, including the rehabilitation and lining of culvert. This two-component, 100% solids epoxy coating and lining system can be applied at an ultra-high build of up to ⅜ inch. It has high moisture tolerance and is engineered to protect against hydrogen sulfide corrosion. It also serves as a barrier to protect against I&I. It offers comprehensive defense against the challenges posed by water and wastewater environments. 877-463-7699;

Omega Liner

Omega Liner is a high-strength GRP UV-cured liner for trenchless rehabilitation of water, wastewater and stormwater piping systems. It is constructed with ECR (corrosion-resistant) fiberglass and advanced UV resins, and uses unsaturated polyester or vinyl ester resins for environmentally conscious projects. It is offered for both circular and noncircular pipes from 6 to 66 inches, has a six-month shelf life, conforms to ASTM F-2019, and meets and exceeds ASTM F-1216. Factory training and support is available, with a small equipment footprint and increased efficiencies. 605-558-1020;

The Strong Company Storm Seal

Storm Seal from The Strong Company is a solution for structural fatigue and corrosion in stormwater pipes. This system stops I&I and exfiltration, and restores structural integrity. It is a fiber-reinforced cementitious mixture designed for rehabilitating corrugated metal pipes, culverts, concrete pipes, catch basins and other stormwater structures, and is recommended in applications where there is no evidence of sulfide conditions. It is a high-strength mortar, reaching compressive strength of over 9,000 psi, and its erosion resistance is comparable to concrete pipes and culverts. It was evaluated by the AASHTO National Transportation Product Evaluation Program and is approved by DOTs across the United States. It is a monolithic liner (free of any joints) and can be applied to a variety of shapes and structures. It may be centrifugally cast or it may be sprayed manually. 800-982-8009;

Pipe Plug

Cherne Heavy Duty Poly-Lift Lines 

Cherne Heavy Duty Poly-Lift Lines with Gauge provide the confidence, strength and durability to outlast the harshest environments as you inflate/deflate pipe plugs. With corrosion-resistant hardware, fittings and steel hooks as well as industrial-grade, heavy-duty spiral wrap, rubber gauge cover and high-flow hose, these lift lines offer maximum, long-lasting performance. Available in lengths ranging from 10 to 50 feet, they are designed with a heavy-duty 3/8-inch inside diameter hose. Hardware and fittings are made of stainless steel, and a heavy-duty rubber cover that protects the line’s gauge. The lift line comes with clear-coated zinc-plated steel hooks as well as industrial quick disconnects. 800-843-7584;

Reinstatement Cutters

CUES Currahee Cutters

CUES Currahee Cutters provide a number of solutions for pipe inspection and rehabilitation — from clearing blockages, debris, protruding laterals and roots, to reinstating laterals in a CIPP liner. The cutters function in a range of 5.25- to 12-inch pipe, are equally effective in CIPP or fold-and-form liners, and can be installed on a CUES K2 truck-mounted cutter system. The system performs optimally using 1,000 to 1,500 feet of cable, and is operated with the CUES gamepad controller. 800-327-7791;

Pipeline Renewal Technologies Micro S Light+

The Pipeline Renewal Technologies’ Micro S Light+ provides the reliable cutting power needed to perform prep and reinstatement work in drains, laterals, and other small-diameter lines. It delivers maximum torque to make quick work of any material encountered. The air-powered unit fits in small access openings and has excellent flexibility in bends, navigating smoothly through elbows. It is suitable for both horizontal and vertical work in 4- to 6-inch lines with options to work in up to 10-inch lines. It also performs in 3-inch straight lines with the 90DCX Angular Cutting Motor. Twin joysticks control three axes of motion on the head, while the self-cleaning camera returns real-time footage to the 10-inch monitor. The robot accepts various cutting bits and detaches for easy transport. The entire system weighs just 104 pounds. 866-936-8476;

RapidView IBAK North America MicroGator GT

The MicroGator GT from RapidView IBAK North America creates new possibilities for the controlled removal of large, resistant deposits in the pipeline. The rotating water-jet nozzle can be attached to a MicroGator tractor, with an additional high-pressure water hose, to transform the cutting and grinding robot into an ultra-high-pressure water jetting system. It has adjustable working pressure from 9,000 to 37,000 psi and 3 to 13 gpm. The CutterCam provides a constant view of the operating area so you can see exactly what you are cutting/jetting. It has a large range of motion with a 400-degree rotating elbow, full pan-and-tilt functionality, as well as fourth-Axis articulation, giving operators ultimate control during operations. There are a variety of different nozzle types available for purchase, including point blasting. 800-656-4225;

Trenchless Relining Equipment


Magnavity SX from BRAWO SYSTEMS offers safe light curing with NRTL certificate for the U.S. market. The compact system has a range of 197 feet. The two LED heads — Nano and Mega — enable the rehabilitation of diameters from DN 100 to DN 300 using BRAWOLINER and the vinyl ester resin BRAWO LR. The curing process is automated and the entire rehabilitation process is documented. It can rehabilitate longer pipes with bends with only one access point.

Flow-Liner Systems Neofit+Plus Expandable Pressure Pipe

Neofit+Plus Expandable Pressure Pipe from Flow-Liner Systems is a trenchless technology that creates an impenetrable barrier between drinking water and the existing host pipe. Host pipes (like lead and copper) can leach dangerous levels of toxic materials in your drinking water. The Neofit+Plus EPP structural material has been scientifically proven by examining extensive hydrolysis testing, indicating it will last well over 100 years. It’s not a coating and it doesn’t use resin or epoxy. It often only requires a single small access pit, saving yards, trees, sidewalks and floors from demolition. The speedy process allows for many installations a day and immediate return to service. 800-348-0020;

Spartan Tool LightRay LR3

The LightRay LR3 LED UV system, a collaboration between Spartan Tool and Waterline Renewal Technologies, provides the time and flexibility to install, then cures in as little as 10 minutes when the light is activated. The technology can significantly reduce costs and risks when compared to traditional thermo-setting or ambient-cured CIPP liners, creating new opportunities for drain cleaning contractors. The curing process doesn’t start until the UV light is activated, giving the operator time to place and readjust the liner in the pipe as needed. Its non-VOC resin is pre-impregnated into the high-performance fiberglass liner and shipped ready to install, so there’s no mixing or measuring of resin. 800-435-3866;


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