Product News - April 2024

Product News - April 2024

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Superior Signal 5E FLEX battery-powered smoke blower

Superior Signal’s 5E FLEX battery-powered smoke blower is designed for smoke-testing building plumbing and laterals to quickly find faults, odors, leaks and inflow. The 5E FLEX is compatible with leading 18- to 20-volt tool batteries utilizing a high-quality power adapter. The 5E FLEX smoke blower integrates with existing electric toolsets or can run off any 12- to 24-volt DC power source. Smoke-testing is a cost-effective solution ideal for hard-to-find faults in commercial, residential and municipal facilities. While the 5E blower is popular for a variety of plumbing applications, it is also particularly useful in testing sewer laterals, showing where a fault or leak may occur on private property. Made in the USA, the 5E FLEX comes with an 8-foot industrial-grade hose. Used with 1A or 2B Superior smoke candles, it creates 4,000 or 8,000 cubic feet of smoke respectively. Superior Smoke candles are also sold in convenient SealPac cans that extend shelf life. 732-251-0800;

Pulsafeeder PulsaPro7440 chemical pump

When chemical injection processes demand dependable and accurate delivery where space is limited and reliability and convenience are required, Pulsafeeder’s PulsaPro 7440 has the compact size and features to make operation and maintenance easier and faster. The large, easy-to-view hydraulic diagnostic window provides observation of oil condition and proper pump operation saving time troubleshooting. Externally adjustable bypass valves protect the pump from system over-pressurization and quickly adapt to changing process conditions. The push-to-purge button allows for on-demand removal of air from pump hydraulics to avoid wasting energy from inefficient pump operation. When precise and accurate chemical delivery matters the PulsaPro 7440 provides dosing accuracy of plus/minus 0.5% across its operating range, whether the stroke length is set at full capacity or 10% of maximum. It is available with flows up to 1,098 gph and pressures up to 3,200 psig. 585-292-8000;

StoneAge Sentinel OS2 technology controller

The Sentinel OS2 can lessen the burden of training new operators with its user-friendly setup and enhanced user interface. And it takes fewer technicians on the job with Sentinel OS2’s automated features like boundary clean and obstacle avoidance. The latest operating system comes installed on all new Sentinel-enabled systems, like the AutoBox 1L and AutoBox 3L. Along with the simplified user interface, OS2 uses machine learning to become more intelligent and accurate as it goes, so you can swap your setup time for cleaning time. The controller now displays a real-time visual diagram of the tube sheet, enabling efficient cleaning without requiring a direct line of sight. The OS2 can automatically steer around plugged tubes and other obstructions during cleaning, preventing equipment damage. 866-795-1586;


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