Applied Felts Now Offers Fiberglass-Reinforced Hybrid Liners

The market’s ongoing demand for Applied Felts’ classic felt liners has led the company’s research and development team to stay a step ahead in CIPP hybrid solutions for gravity, pressure pipe and potable water systems. Using the same process to design and manufacture its classic felt liners, Applied Felts now reinforces quality felt materials with fiberglass in its new hybrid liners to add significant strength for both internal and external loads.

By combining fiberglass reinforcement with traditional felt liner material, the unique properties of each are blended and fully integrated to provide strong, robust liners. These new hybrid products perform and install in the same manner as nonreinforced liners, using similar procedures, equipment and techniques.

The benefits of fiberglass- reinforced liners include a matrix that reduces the thickness of liners, delivering significant resin savings and, therefore, overall lower material costs.

These liners typically weigh less, making transportation, handling and installation faster and easier. Stretching up to 10 percent to the existing pipe wall, Applied Felts hybrid liners ensure a close fit with faster impregnation rates and reduced installation times. Providing excellent chemical resistance against sewer effluent elements when combined with polyester, vinyl ester or epoxy resin systems, fiberglass-reinforced liners also provide superior physical and mechanical properties that meet or exceed ASTM testing.

A classic solution

Applied Felts’ cornerstone products – custom-made CIPP felt liners – have been installed successfully around the world for nearly 50 years and continue to be a definitive solution for the rehabilitation of gravity sewer pipes. 

The decades-long history of extending the life of sewer pipes using rigorously-tested Applied Felts CIPP liners has propelled the continued evolution of this product to meet today’s demanding requirements. Using high-quality raw materials, products such as Applied Felts’ flame-bonded, durable PU-coated felt liners accommodate the most demanding installation requirements while providing greater flexibility in the field.

The key to Applied Felts’ ongoing classic felt liner evolution, however, comes directly from working with CIPP installers around the world. With locations in China, India, the United Kingdom and the United States, the company understands unique project requirements as well as cultural, geographic and installation challenges.

The Applied Felts technical support team works with customers in the lab, throughout the manufacturing process and on the job site to ensure all its products meet rigorous standards. Helping installers succeed in the field is paramount, and the company prioritizes paying close attention to details, sourcing quality raw materials, using state-of-the-art manufacturing equipment, and rigorously testing with a 28-stage QA/QC program. Applied Felts also offers technical support and wet-out liners in some markets.

Applied Felts is best known for manufacturing sewer mainline rehabilitation products, understanding that unless an entire system is rehabilitated using a complete approach, underground infrastructure will continue to fail. To address the rehabilitation of lateral lines, a major contributor to inflow and infiltration in a sewer system,  Applied Felts has taken its decades of experience in supporting successful CIPP applications in mainlines to provide that same high-level quality in the manufacture of products for lining lateral and vertical pipes with multiple bends and diameter changes. Over the years, its hundreds of crews around the globe have successfully installed more than 200 million feet of quality liners.

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