Bucher RECycler Boasts Fully Continuous Recycling System, Fuel-Saving Technology

Operating all over the world in the most extreme conditions, Bucher RECycler units have proven themselves as powerful and sustainable sewer cleaners. Available in two different sizes — RECycler 208 and RECycler 315 equipped with an 8-cubic-yard tank and 15-cubic-yard tank, respectively — the versatile Bucher RECycler units enable customers all over the world to increase productivity in any circumstance.

The fully continuous water recycling system — which Bucher representatives tout as highly efficient and easy to maintain — has been produced and developed since the 1980s. The five-step system protects the tank, pumps and sewer lines from damage by removing particles, giving the units a longer operating life and a high residual value.  

Working in challenging conditions

The two Bucher RECycler units also ensure operators can work in difficult urban areas or in remote locations. Equipped with a moveable partition providing flexibility in tank size — and thereby flexibility of applications and volume — operators don’t need to know how much water and sludge they need from the start. 

Combined with the fully continuous recycling system and the moveable partition, an automatic fuel-saving technology shuts down the vacuum pump once it detects enough vacuum in the tank and reduces the revolutions of the engine and pumps to the minimum level required for each specific job. This helps lower water and fuel consumption. 

Bucher RECycler units are available in winter and summer editions. The winter edition is capable of operating fully in even the most challenging temperatures down to negative 20 degrees F. 

Bucher Municipal is an international manufacturer of sewer cleaning units. Globally, its product range encompasses sweepers, sewer cleaning equipment, winter equipment, and vehicles for refuse collection.

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