“I don’t think the vac truck can get there” is a phrase that is uttered in frustration too often. Vacuum trucks are large and powerful, but they aren’t always the best option for the job. The Elastec PACS line of trailer-mounted vacuum systems fills the void where vacuum trucks can’t reach.

PACS vacuum systems were designed for off-road oil field work and feature a heavy-duty trailer, a 1,000-gallon dumping tank, and a range of engine and vacuum options. Over the past 20 years, the PACS line has evolved from a down-and-dirty beast of burden to a well-refined municipal machine. With vacuum packages ranging from 230 to 2,000 cfm, there is a PACS vacuum for every scenario.

“The biggest benefit of a PACS system is how simple it is to operate,” says Shon Mosier, Elastec sales manager. “They also require very minimal expense for maintenance and insurance.” 

The most common customer for a PACS unit is the person that is tired of paying for vacuum truck service for routine jobs, but doesn’t have the budget or impetus to purchase his or her own truck.

“The Elastec PACS is the perfect vacuum system for this scenario,” says Mosier. “Each system can be towed with a 1-ton pickup truck and provides mobility that is unmatched by larger vacuum trucks.” 

Elastec offers a full line of vacuums and accessories as well as other municipal maintenance products including drug and medical incinerators, turbidity curtains, marine debris containment systems and workboats. Established in 1990, Elastec has grown into a global leader in the manufacture of pollution control systems with sales in over 155 countries.

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