Harmon Pipe Service LLC – Finding a Niche and the Right Equipment to Service It

Terrell Harmon runs Harmon Pipe Service LLC (HPS) in Rockmart, Georgia, and serves metro Atlanta. In business for six years, the company handles mostly new construction in residential subdivisions.

At its peak, HPS ran a crew of six doing testing, pipe cleaning and video inspection. These days, Harmon is alone in the field, with a part-time office employee. After experiencing many facets of the business, he has found the work he most enjoys, and which generates the greatest return on investment: video inspection.

HPS primarily subcontracts to larger pipeline contractors on big commercial jobs. With this single revenue stream, it’s critical that his equipment work every time, keeping him efficiently productive. He says he’s used Cobra CCTV pipeline inspection equipment since he started in the business.

“It’s a great product line — simple to operate — and it’s a great product for a fair price. It’s a great fit for me because the company is local, and their after-sales service is great,” Harmon says.

Off-road jobs

HPS specializes in inspecting outfalls and other assets that require off-road access. Harmon runs two Cobra Model 800 crawlers, two V5 cameras and a pan-tilt-zoom camera on a UTV unit for off-road applications. 

“Most of my calls were for off-road jobs,” he says. “The big vans couldn’t get video equipment to these places. I knew that carving out a niche for myself in the local market was a good positioning strategy, and I saw one in being able to get where they couldn’t. That’s what made me successful.”

So, in 2000, Harmon approached Cobra Technologies saying he didn’t want a van, but he wanted their equipment on a UTV. He specified what he wanted, and Cobra built him a UTV-based inspection system. 

“These UTV-mounted systems are basically intended to get our equipment out where the landscape is more rural, and there just aren’t many wide, well-maintained roads,” Harmon says. “All sewer lines leave the road eventually. Some go through the woods, down to these outfalls in more distant and less-travelled areas. That’s what I specialize in. That’s where I go with the UTV.”

User-friendly software

One of the most important pieces of his inspection technology array is AssetDMS, a new and powerful software packed with features from Cobra/Trio-Vision. Using an intuitive, operator-friendly touch screen interface, AssetDMS makes collecting and analyzing pipe survey data second nature. The data collection process is simple and streamlined, with built-in user prompts that ensure critical information isn’t missed and is captured accurately. 

Compatible with a wide range of manufacturers’ CCTV systems, it allows for import/export from any certified PACP/LACP/MACP database, and PACP reference photos are included to eliminate the need to memorize all the codes and rules. 

A comprehensive reporting suite provides easy-to-understand analysis reports that help Harmon’s clients make well-informed decisions regarding the health and rehabilitation requirements of their underground infrastructure systems. 

Cobra/Trio-Vision backs its software with robust, real-world field and classroom training and support programs tailored to fit individual customer needs. Feature rich and easy to use, AssetDMS is priced competitively.

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