Recycle JetVac Tackles Municipality’s Major Grease Problem

What can you do when you’ve got a problem like a Southern California municipality recently faced, where numerous sanitary lines were plagued by a considerable amount of grease? Grease is a hard problem to keep up with, especially with build-up over time, requiring more frequent cleaning than nongreasy sanitary lines. 

The amount of time it takes to ensure proper line cleaning limited this municipality from properly maintaining the remaining lines in its area. Traditional combo sewer trucks ran out of water within 20-25 minutes. Refilling the truck several times makes the job more demanding and labor intensive — not to mention the overwhelming amount of water used in the process.

A solution to the problem

GapVax has partnered with a German-based company, Wiedemann Enviro-Tec, to bring a revolutionary technology to the United States. This technology is in the form of a water recycling truck that has the ability to handle routine grease and grit applications. 

The system is built around a nine-stage recycling system that allows the unit to reuse the existing recovered water in the sanitary or storm lines for cleaning.

It uses cyclone filtration along with sedimentation to remove grease, grit and debris from the existing recovered water. The recycling process physically cleans the water, allowing for the reuse of the water through a high-pressure system. With this ability, there are no existing filters that can be clogged or damaged during the recycling process. 

The result

The GapVax-Wiedemann Recycle JetVac tackled the Southern California job head-on with its ability to continuously jet heavily greased lines without any blockages within its system. The nonstop operation allowed the crew to work until the line was fully cleaned. 

There was no need to find a water source and no need to refill. After running the line and cleaning it thoroughly, the operators from the municipality were impressed with the cleaning capability of the GapVax. Their lines were free from grease in much less time than they had anticipated.

The cleanup at the end of the day on the truck was easy. The recycling system broke down the grease and no build up was left behind in either the water tanks or debris tank. 

GapVax Inc. is a leading manufacturer of industrial and municipal vacuum equipment. Founded in 1989, GapVax specializes in custom-built equipment that is easy to operate and maintain. Superior performance and high-quality components are priorities for the company, which is located in Johnstown, Pennsylvania, with a secondary location in Deer Park, Texas, and a nationwide dealer network.

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