Wiedemann’s Super 2000 Cleaner Represents 40 Years’ Experience

The house of Wiedemann invented the first sewer-cleaning vehicle with water recycling in 1977, marking the beginning of a revolution in the market. Since then, the company has committed itself to providing environmentally friendly and sustainable vehicles.

Representing 40 years of experience, Wiedemann’s main product, the Super 2000, is designed with a fully automatic water recycling system, which cleans water by physical processes instead of filtering it. This allows operators to work continuously without refilling the water tank. 

Wiedemann’s recycling technology ensures operators can work without interruptions or breakdowns from grease, sand or paper. Based on a two-tank configuration, it offers high-quality water recycling and increased truck stability, along with optimum load distribution and maximum tank volume on a shorter wheelbase. 

Wiedemann enviro tec is partnered with GapVax for distribution in the U.S. It’s system is approved for use worldwide. To reach GapVax about a Wiedemann vehicle, call 814-535-6766 or email inquiry@gapvax.com. 

1-877-864-9394 | info@wieviro.com | www.wieviro.de


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