RootX Offers Solution for Restoring Pipe Flow Capacity

RootX was engineered to limit exposure issues and environmental impacts, and to remove  pipeline roots without affecting the treatment systems at the wastewater treatment plant downstream. RootX was also engineered for fast, simple and cost-effective applications that don’t require extensive training or expensive add-on equipment.

How it works

The RootX formula foams on contact with water, allowing it to reach to the top of the pipe where 90% of root growth occurs. RootX foam lifts and adheres the active ingredient — dichlobenil — to the roots and to the top of the pipe.

The formula strips away grease and grime, allowing the active ingredient to penetrate and kill the roots. Dead roots will decay and break off, and new root growth will be stunted, eliminating the aggressive regrowth of roots that happens when roots are simply cut. 

Regular maintenance with RootX will reduce, if not eliminate, sanitary sewer overflows caused by roots, according to the manufacturer.

Save time and money

By using your own crew and equipment to clear pipe blockages, companies eliminate the need to hire and schedule special contractors. RootX is registered with the Environmental Protection Agency and has a low environmental impact, making it a go-to solution for municipal systems nationwide.

Now, RootX is easier to apply than ever with the new FDU 300 applicator, engineered to make applying RootX to mainlines faster, easier and more effective. “Within a month after applying RootX, roots are dead and decaying, keeping your lines moving for up to 36 months — guaranteed,” says a RootX spokesperson.

Products and market

RootX and Grease-X are sold to professional drain cleaners, municipal sewer departments, municipal sewer contractors, property management companies, or any organization or individual who is dealing with pipeline root or grease problems.

Municipalities use RootX and Grease-X as part of their maintenance programs. The simplicity and effectiveness of RootX and Grease-X applications allow a municipal sewer department to do it’s own effective root and grease control on it’s own schedule. Drain cleaning companies also include RootX and Grease-X as part of their service, allowing them to offer an effective solution for their customers’ sewer line problems.

RootX was introduced and patented as a root control formula in 1994. For more than 20 years, RootX has been a simple and effective solution for pipeline root control. 800-844-4974 |


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