How to Exercise Your Valves and Keep Them From Seizing

Municipalities and water authorities have many vital functions when it comes to delivering water, but none so important as preserving and maintaining their valuable water system assets, including valves. Hidden from view, valves require periodic turning, often called “exercising,” to keep them from seizing or freezing up due to corrosion and tuberculation, and to ensure they are fully operational when needed.

The tools water system professionals use for this job range from simple to sophisticated, from simple T-bars that must be manhandled, to powered handheld exercisers, to truck-and-trailer-mounted exercising systems, to complete dedicated valve maintenance trucks built on heavy-duty cab and chassis.

Another solution

Other tools include Wachs VITALS software, an acronym for Valve Information Tracking and Logging System. VITALS software is used to locate, monitor and record valve maintenance. It creates data that can be imported and integrated into comprehensive GIS desktop software solutions.

Wachs Utility Products offers powered valve turners at different price points to fit every organization’s needs. You can start with a P-2 handheld exerciser in your choice of drive type, couple it with the company’s small Trav-L-Vac trailer to give you the ability to clean out underground vaults. The next step up is Wachs’ Compact LX trailer, which is equipped with a ERV-750 extended-reach valve turner with VITALS. 

For midsize municipalities, the Standard LX or Grand LX trailer or skid-mounted systems with VITALS are suitable. They’re ready to run, and include a valve turning machine, power wash system, and power-operated large- capacity spoils tank. Skid systems come pre-assembled on a steel skid that simply bolts down to a flatbed truck.  

Wachs Service Body and VMS System with VITALS, upfitted by Knapheide on your supplied cab and chassis, is an expression of a complete valve maintenance truck. To learn more or to schedule a demo contact your nearest Wachs representative or visit the company online. 

Wachs Utility Products continues to build on a rich history of quality customer service and a dedicated and enthusiastic work force as the company designs and builds field portable machine tools and valve exercisers.

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