Cam Spray Offers Industrial Skid- and Van-Mounted, Gas-Powered Drain and Sewer Jetters

Truck-, van- and skid-mounted, gas-powered unheated sewer and drain jetters from Cam Spray are designed for outdoor use and can be mounted on a flatbed truck, or placed in vans or enclosed body trucks with proper ventilation. 

Equipped with the same features that make the company’s trailer-mounted sewer and drain jetters an excellent option, skid- and van-mounted jetters are constructed on a compact, easy-to-move platform.

Jetter features

Skid- or van-mounted drain and sewer jetters feature a gasoline engine, a plunger pump with ceramic plungers and stainless steel valves protected by an unloader valve and secondary pop-off valve. A power pulse feature is available on some models for navigating longer runs and elbows. Industrial-coated skid platforms and frames offer transferability between vehicles, and mounting flanges allow the machine to be fastened to the floor or deck of a van or trailer. 

Other features include a manual or 12-volt DC-powered reel for hose storage; 50-foot hose and washdown gun for pressure washing and site cleanup; a four nozzle set with storage box and tip cleaner; and an optional water tank.

The LJ4008H

One of Cam Spray’s most popular units is the 8 gpm, 4,000 psi LJ4008H van-mount jetter. The unit includes a Honda iGX 800 fuel-injected gas engine — with an oil alert and hour meter — powering a gearbox-driven plunger pump with ceramic plungers, stainless steel valves, pressure gauge and 80-mesh water filter. 

The pump is protected by an unloader valve, secondary pop-off and has a schrader valve to blow the system out for freeze protection. 

Cam Spray is a small, family-owned company and leading manufacturer of pressure washers, drain and sewer jetters, and other high-pressure industrial cleaning solutions. In business since 1971, the company offers cold water and hot water power washers and sewer jetters in many different variations for almost every application. If the standard machine is not what you are looking for, Cam Spray will custom build exactly what you need to get the job done.

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