TV Inspection Cameras - Jetting camera

The Jet Cam camera system from US Jetting transmits jetting images down the high-pressure hose to a screen mounted on the cart, eliminating external cables or pushrods. It has six rear firing jets for propulsion and two thrust jets, one of which is located on the camera head. This allows the camera to make 90-degree turns, and gives the camera the ability to rise above the water in a semi-flooded pipe. The thrust jets allow it to go down a straight line and then up a lateral by rotating the hose by hand. It offers up to 200 feet of high-pressure hose and is capable of running up to 1,800 psi at 10 gpm. It comes with an over-pressure relief valve and a stainless steel collapsible cart with wheels. It can record on a flash drive for later reviewing. The battery-powered unit is good for at least two hours of operating time. 770/740-9917;


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