Electronic Leak Detection - Matchpoint Water Asset Management Enigma3m

The Enigma3m from Matchpoint Water Asset Management combines leak localization and correlation technology into an efficient and comprehensive leak detection system. Loggers are deployed across the water network, allowing for the continual monitoring of the integrity of the distribution system. This fixed-based acoustic noise logging system requires no above-ground assets and detects leaks remotely using cost-effective GPRS/3G communication, sending data directly from the field to the web-based software, PrimeWeb. PrimeWeb processes the data daily, visually highlighting and prioritizing areas of leakage, and noting all healthy areas of the network. If there is evidence of leakage, the loggers will automatically perform time-synced correlations of each leak with the exact location of the leak(s) identified. It saves time and money, eliminating the process of physically moving loggers across the network, retrieving the data, and manually programming the correlation. 910/509-7225; www.matchpointinc.us.


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