CAP Helps Reduce Significant SSOs in Fulton County

In 2019, Composite Access Products (CAP) reported the San Antonio Water System submerged tank test result on CAP’s composite manhole covers and frames, which demonstrated inflow of 0.0 gpm through CAP’s assembly. Observing San Antonio Water personnel say CAP’s performance was “best by far” among assemblies they tested previously. 

More recently, Roy Barnes, deputy director of public works for Fulton County, Georgia, installed CAP covers specifically to reduce inflow and infiltration, and in August he presented quantifiable results to the Georgia Association of Water Professionals.


For example, in 2019 SSO quantities measured during a 2-inch rainfall event at a specific section amounted to 32 million gallons. Barnes designed a watertight manhole system with CAP covers and frames, and when this specific section had a similar rainfall after improvements, only 980,000 gallons of spillover were measured. This represents a 96% reduction.

At one of its pump stations where CAP covers and frames were installed upstream on several manholes, it saw a 50% reduction in pump station run times. This translates into lower electric bills, less required maintenance cost, and less frequent capital purchases to replace these expensive systems.

Just after the major rainfall from Hurricane Sally this September, Barnes stated, “We had a real test today with the hurricane coming through . . . some spill but not like before. It is working.”

Fulton County, through Barnes’ initiative with CAP covers, will save money from pump station run time reductions, as well as significant reduction in SSOs. It will also prevent unnecessary water treatment costs for rainwater, save future capital costs on treatment plant capacities and help satisfy EPA requirements. 

Composite Access Products was started in 2015 by W. Chad Nunnery, former executive of a large U.S. composites leader.

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