GapVax Applies Combination Truck Technology to High-Performance Jetter Truck

When GapVax built the GJET, the company took everything that makes its combination truck great and applied it to a more affordable, high-performance jetter truck. This truck has loads of features that put it at the top of its class, from a stainless steel tank to the smoothest water pump system with multiflow and recirculation. The company also added plenty of storage.

Simplicity and reliability are the hallmark of GapVax products, and the GJET is no exception. Their time-tested, front-mounted hose reel provides strength, simplicity and a user-focused design that gets the job done and just keeps running.

Safety starts with the frame. The hose reel is mounted on dual frame rails that extend far beyond the engine to improve the strength of the reel, keep the operator away from the cab and extend the life of the bearing. The baffles help guard against tipping when driving with a full load. The safety interlocks help prevent operator error. And the front-mounted location guards against traffic.

GapVax salesmen and dealers work with the customer to figure out the perfect blend of storage versus water capacity while taking axle weights into account. Models range from 500 to 3,000 gallons, with most customers choosing a 1,600-gallon, single-axle configuration.

The GapVax jetter offers 40 to 100 gpm water pump options, Giant Industries GP7600 hydraulics or a PTO-driven water pump. The GapVax MC front hose reel comes standard, and this unit has a 6-inch subframe, with the rear deck bolted down to the subframe. Toolboxes come in a variety of shapes and materials to best fit each customer’s need. An optional vice or small crane on the rear of the deck, along with 10-foot stainless steel tube trays, are also available.

At GapVax, we pride ourselves on the design, ease of use and low maintenance of our units. Coming from a service company background, we’ve incorporated all things learned from that company into the truck’s design. “By the operator, for the operator” is a slogan we will stand behind. 

Gary A. Poborsky created GAP Pollution & Environmental Control Inc. after the Johnstown Flood of 1977 in Pennsylvania. Poborsky set out to help with flood cleanup around the city, which eventually lead to more and more work, allowing him to grow his business. From this, Poborsky began trying all of the equipment available on the market. When his company’s suggestions for improvements were ignored by manufacturers, Poborsky ended up manufacturing his own trucks and equipment for his service company. Various customers began wanting to buy Poborsky’s equipment, and essentially, GapVax Inc. was born in 1989. The goal of GapVax Inc. was to provide the best possible equipment inspired by the operator, for the operator using the best quality components and keeping the design easy to operate and maintain. That still holds true today, over 30 years later.

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