Inside the May 2008 Issue of Municipal Sewer & Water

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STORM - Keeping the Gulf Stream Clean
A comprehensive stormwater program in the City of Boynton Beach, Fla., includes passive debris filters that stop debris and pollutants at entry points.
Where Does the Money Go?
As the need for infrastructure revival comes to the fore, it is time to revisit the often repeated claim that taxes “take money out of the economy.”
SEWER: Spinning a Success Story
Innovative vortex separators are part of a comprehensive CSO abatement program that pays big environmental dividends for the City of Saco, Maine.
STORM: Blazing the Trail
An effective monitoring program is among the keys to success for the Stormwater Quality Improvement Program in Sacramento, Calif.
New Tools for Municipal Pros
A record number of exhibits include a variety of new technologies to enhance efficiency and quality in underground infrastructure maintenance.
Trapped at the Source
Filters of many kinds help municipal agencies keep pollutants out of stormwater flowing into lakes, rivers and streams.
Better than Mobile
A passive dewatering device helps a city in Tennessee bring activated sludge inventory into its proper mixed liquor suspended solids range.
All in One
The HIPPO multipower system provides electricity, hydraulic power and compressed air in a package designed for use in remote locations.
Learning to Let Go
Delegating authority is not a single action but a process. Here are the basic steps to follow for delegating in a way that gets results.
Looking Back While Moving Forward
A NASSCO membership can help pipeline repair professionals use their knowledge and experience to build a successful future.