Inside the November 2008 Issue of Municipal Sewer & Water

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WATER: Listening Closely
Birmingham Water Works uses sophisticated technology to locate leaks and reduce nonrevenue water despite shortages of qualified people
SEWER: Learning by Doing
A step-by-step approach helps an Ohio community refine its sewer rehabilitation methods, reduce I&I substantially, and save money
Revved Up
Custom-built standby generators enable a city in Washington to retrofit lift stations and build new ones to avoid environmental issues
The Dope On Diesel
Market conditions and other factors drive up the price of fuel for heavy trucks and equipment. Expect prices to remain high in the foreseeable future.
Extend Your Hand
The people you meet at the Pumper & Cleaner Expo might help you solve a nagging problem or give you business ideas worth their weight in gold
Fan Mail Vs. Hate Mail
On taxation editorials in this magazine, comments run about evenly split between pats on the back and kicks in the shins
STORM: Plants Against Pollutants
An innovative wetland treatment system helps a growing Oregon city capture runoff from a commercial area and protect sensitive waters
Clamping Down
Cities look to security locking devices, stiffer penalties, different materials and stricter regulations on metal recyclers as ways to deter thefts of manhole covers
NASSCO Membership Keeps on Giving
In the spirit of the holiday season, take a moment to reflect on the year that’s nearly over.
High-Powered Chewer-Upper
The Paikert cutting tool saves users money by ripping through tough clogs in pipes that otherwise would need to be dug up and replaced
Making It Fun
The Portland Water Bureau uses entertainment as a tool to deliver vital information — and enhance public support for its initiatives
Hydroexcavator Helps Users Avoid Overweight-Vehicle Citations
X-10 vacuum excavator from Hi-Vac Corp.
Industry News - November 2008
RIDGID Hosts Forum Appreciation Day; Federal Signal Expands Guzzler, Vactor Facilities; Hannay Releases Pressure Wash, Spray Hose Reel Catalog; Envirosight Expands Headquarters, Opens Regional Center; PipeHunter Names Parts Manager