Inside the July 2011 Issue of Municipal Sewer & Water

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The  Battle of New Orleans The Battle of New Orleans
Long after Hurricane Katrina, the city struggles to locate leaks that total millions of gallons per day. Sophisticated acoustic monitoring tools are key weapons.
Above the Fray Above the Fray
A California agency gets a handle on its collection system flows using meters mounted in manholes over the wastewater stream
No Fun At All No Fun At All
This trip down a water slide could have cost a sewer contractor employee his life. The safety lesson is clear: Follow procedures and never take shortcuts.
Playing in the Big Leagues Playing in the Big Leagues
A northern tourist community steps up collection system performance with a CMOM program, GIS, and in-house inspection and cleaning
Turning Toward Trenchless Turning Toward Trenchless
Horizontal directional drilling gains momentum for sewer and water installation as municipal managers learn the technology and begin to appreciate the advantages
July Industry News
Grote Names Draper Marketing Manager; Pure Technologies Names McDonald Regional Manager; KROHNE Posts Leak Detection Vodcast; Workers Return at General Wire; RIDGID Promotion Raises $8,000 for PHCC; McElroy Adds International Distributors; Godwin Presents Check to Boys, Girls Clubs; Wachs Opens Canada Office, Adds Managers
Bursting the  Conventional  Wisdom Bursting the Conventional Wisdom
An Oklahoma city is achieving success and saving big dollars by conducting a multi-year, $90 million sewer rehabilitation program with in-house workers
Badly Needed-and Already Here
The IPBA division of NASSCO works to promote pipe bursting through education and development of specifications
Pipe Bursting/Horizontal Directional Drilling Pipe Bursting/Horizontal Directional Drilling July Product News July Product News
Featured New Products.
Lightweight Pneumatic Shoring  Simplifies Trench Safety Lightweight Pneumatic Shoring Simplifies Trench Safety
Prospan pneumatic shoring from Prospan Manufacturing Co.
Get In, Get Out Get In, Get Out
The QuickView pole-mounted inspection camera with Haloptic technology from Envirosight enables fast inspections while yielding high-quality images
Tough Conversations
Here are four techniques to help you say what needs to be said, with integrity, when it’s hard for you to say it and the other person doesn’t want to hear it
Worth Noting - July 2011
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