Inside the September 2011 Issue of Municipal Sewer & Water

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All Aboard All Aboard
In a small city with a big I&I problem, an all-out education program led the city council and residents to support system rehab and in-house equipment upgrades
Learning  From the  Ancients Learning From the Ancients
Sewers under an ancient Italian city buried by the eruption of Mount Vesuvius reveal how the Romans handled wastewater and stormwater
Overflow Solution Overflow Solution
Partially filled magmeters give a Pennsylvania city an effective remedy against high wet-weather flows that had overwhelmed the treatment plant
Caught in the Vise
At a time of austerity, what can be done to keep public employee compensation competitive and sustain workforce quality?
Crawl Before Walking Crawl Before Walking
Smaller communities should take a gradual, methodical approach to deploying GIS technology in water distribution systems
September Industry News
HOBAS Pipe’s Mele Receives Croft Award; Synagro Acquires Drilling Solutions; Aquatech de Las Americas Launches Website; ClearSpan Partners with AgriLab Technologies
Time to Recertify?
PACP trainers and users need to be aware of new requirements for renewing certification and budget time and dollars accordingly
September Product News September Product News
Featured new products.
Loading System Adds Precision to Pipe Fusion Process Loading System Adds Precision to Pipe Fusion Process
MegaMc PolyHorse pipe-handling system from McElroy
Every Day, All Hours Every Day, All Hours
Dealing with I&I 24/7 requires vigilant monitoring and rehab. The team in Miami-Dade County has reduced system I&I by 30 mgd.
On a Shoestring On a Shoestring
Ingenuity helps an Arizona city achieve compliance with U.S. EPA stormwater regulations at low cost and with a soft touch
Complete Package Complete Package
Infrastructure Management System (IMS) from Hurco Technologies is designed to simplify comprehensive testing and tracking of water infrastructure
Certified Success Certified Success
An employee certification program at Marietta Water leads to better morale, staff retention, and a more accountable and professional workforce
Worth Noting - September 2011
People/Awards; Learning Opportunities; Calendar