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InfoSense, Inc. is the manufacturer of the Sewer Line Rapid Assessment Tool, or SL-RAT®, an award-winning acoustic inspection technology used to screen for blockages in small diameter gravity sewers. InfoSense's acoustic technology helps solve an industry familiar problem - how can utilities understand where blockages are in their extensive network of sewer pipes, without wasting time and resources? In the average utility, only 10-35% of pipes require near term maintenance. However, using traditional time-based methods, it is hard to know where those problem areas are without spending significant money and resources. The SL-RAT is a highly portable onsite assessment tool that utilizes transmissive acoustics to safely provide a very fast and low cost understanding of blockage conditions. The SL-RAT is utilized by hundreds of utilities around the world to rapidly screen collection systems and better deploy costly cleaning and CCTV resources. This patented technology offers real-time blockage assessments in 3 minutes or less with no-flow contact at 1/10th-1/20th the cost of alternatives. To learn more, visit To schedule a free demo, call 877-747-3245 or email

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