Recycle Your Rig

See why refurbishment of your vacuum truck or combination sewer cleaner is a great alternative

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Recycle Your Rig

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If you’re in the market for a new vacuum truck, hydroexcavator or combination unit, but also have a tight budget, refurbishment might be your best option. 

Mike Selby, national service manager at Vac-Con, calls refurbishing the ultimate form of recycling. “You’re breathing new life into your machine,” he says. “Refurbishment can give you another five to eight years of use.” 

Vac-Con offers three levels of refurbishment, including Bronze, Silver and Gold packages.

Units are completely disassembled and inspected for any structural imperfections and all major components that are to be remanufactured are removed. Structural remanufacturing begins by removing the compromised structure and replacing with new material. 

Tanks and components are inspected and checked for structural integrity. Debris tanks are repaired if necessary, sand blasted and reinstalled on the machine. 

Completed units are sand blasted and painted in the customer’s choice of color. Units are fully tested to original unit specifications after final assembly. 

Selby recommends keeping an eye on maintenance needs to determine when refurbishment is needed. “When you see the maintenance costs increasing dramatically, then it may be time to invest the money to refurbish it,” he says. “Investing a little money can make it last a lot longer.” 

Check out this Vac-Con combo unit refurbishment from start to completion. 

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