Monitor Grinder Pumps Remotely With the iota OneBox

Monitor Grinder Pumps Remotely With the iota OneBox
The iota OneBox telemetry system from E/One Sewer Systems lets you monitor sewer grinder pumps remotely.

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The iota OneBox telemetry system from E/One Sewer Systems gives you complete command of your fleet of pressure sewer grinder pumps from your office desktop or a smartphone. Now you can improve customer service and take corrective actions as they arrive, all while dramatically improving your response time and system efficiency overall.

Integrate OneBox into your SCADA network seamlessly and get the information you want about tank storage capacities, power failures, blockages, and faults — instantly. Get diagnostics cost-effectivley for individual properties, streets or whole networks in real-time.

OneBox delivers:

  • Remote control and monitoring of individual grinder pumps
  • Alerts even before the customer becomes aware of any faults
  • Trend analysis, report generation, peak flow demand determinations
  • Flow smoothing and maximized efficiency of downstream infrastructure

Developed for utilities by South East Water Corporation, one of Australia’s leading water utilities, the iota OneBox is now available in the United States exclusively through E/One Sewer Systems.

About E/One Sewer Systems
E/One developed the concept of the household grinder pump starting in 1968. Today, celebrating four decades of leadership, the E/One Extreme series grinder pump is more reliable and rugged than ever before. Communities around the world have used E/One Sewer systems — whether they are replacing septic tanks, upgrading existing pressure sewer systems, or as an alternative to gravity sewer systems. E/One's low pressure sewer systems offers a cost-effective alternative to gravity sewer systems because, unlike gravity systems, the low pressure force mains follow the contour of the land. For more information, visit


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