Identify Your Municipal Valves

Identify Your Municipal Valves
The ValveID ensures that the right valves are being cycled and the direction of valve closure is never in doubt.

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E.H. Wachs has introduced the ValveID, an innovative and cost-effective product to identify your municipal valves. Whether the need is to identify and delineate valves based on size, function, pressure boundaries or direction of closure, the ValveID is your answer. Engineered and constructed to fit and adhere to various sizes of valve boxes, the ValveIDTM is designed to work in your system providing the ultimate solution for in-field valve identification. 

  • Effective and efficient valve cycling maintenance. The ValveID ensures that the right valves are being cycled and the direction of valve closure is never in doubt.
  • Confirmed energy savings by ensuring pressure zones valves remain closed. 
  • Manage pressure zones valves — reduce over pumping, saving hydro and chemical costs. Identifying pressure zone valves will also mitigate water transients and high pressure transfers to lower pressure zones, reducing leakage and subsequent watermain breaks.
  • Less risk to staff, public and infrastructure in the event of main breaks. The ValveID provides quick absolute identification to frontline operators. Increased operator safety — no need to enter confined spaces, resulting in decreased operators for valve verification.
  • Fewer operating errors — implement your municipal color coding system, including identifying the direction of valve closure and increase operators confidence and system knowledge.
  • Fewer mitigation cost for emergency failures and improved isolation time. Resulting in reduced costs and environmental impacts.
  • Provides a one size fits all application, suitable for any system.
  • Lack of delineation between transmission and distribution systems will no longer be a dilemma when implementing the ValveID system.
  • Clockwise and counterclockwise operating valves are no longer a concern or confusion to frontline staff resulting in fewer errors.
  • Suitable, engineered and designed specifically for water, wastewater and gas valves.
  • New solution for multi-jurisdictional, municipal infrastructure identification.
  • Real time, on-site field valve identification.
  • Custom colors tailored to your municipal requirements of valve identification. 

About E.H. Wachs
E.H. Wachs Water Utility Division is a manufacturer of valve maintenance equipment including truck and trailer mounted valve turning machines, utility vacuum systems, handheld valve exercisers, GIS-GPS controllers, VITALS software and infraMAP water asset management software. Valve maintenance trailers include gas and diesel powered Compact LX, Standard VMT, Standard LX and Grand LX available with ERV-750 extended reach turner and TM-7 truck mounted valve turner. Other products include handheld Pow-R-Drive P-2 valve turner, RS-2 non rising stem portable valve exerciser, DW Guillotine diamond wire pipe cutter, Trav-L-Cutter, UPC Utility Pipe Cutter, Guillotine pipe saw, submersible pump, Turn-N-Count, Hydraulic power units, Yuma Controller Kit, GPS Recons that record latitude and longitude information about your valves, truck or trailer Hydro-Vac and Trav-L-Vac utility vacuums. Wachs Water Utility products are sold and serviced worldwide, call 815/943-4785 for additional information or visit


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