See the Latest Pipe Repair Products at WWETT 2016

Discover how new technology can take your municipality to the next level, Feb. 17-20, at the Water & Wastewater Education, Treatment & Transport Show
See the Latest Pipe Repair Products at WWETT 2016

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Increase productivity and efficiency with the latest products and technology at the 2016 Water & Wastewater Education, Treatment & Transport (WWETT) Show Feb. 17-20 in downtown Indianapolis.

Covering 540,000 square feet of the Indiana Convention Center, WWETT attracted nearly 14,000 visitors from 53 countries in 2015, with 86 percent saying new products and technologies are the main reason they attend and keep coming back.

Here’s a look at some of the products that will be on display:

Curing Systems/Services

Clayton Industries 

The Sigmafire Steam Generator from Clayton Industries is designed to respond rapidly to sudden load demands and will provide full steam output from a cold start within five minutes. Using steam in pipelining cuts cure times by 50 to 150 percent, while styrene contamination is reduced to a simple condensate collection of 5 to 55 gallons. 630/855-5482;; Booth 4350.

Pipe Lining Supply 

The Quik Heater from Pipe Lining Supply is designed for quickly curing CIPP lateral lining. The heaters come in 120,000 BtuH or 199,000 BtuH sizes. They can be used with polyester, vinyl ester and epoxy resins to finish curing liners in about an hour. The unit includes cart, heater, circulation pump, hoses and manifold for attaching to the calibration tube or liner for curing. The unit operates on LPG and can be used indoors, including in basements. 888/354-6464;; Booth 6505.

Aries Industries

The Anaconda UV Curing System from Aries Industries provides consistent lining installation with less curing time. CCTV inspection before and during the cure allows sags and wrinkles to be corrected. The process requires little equipment, less setup and small crews that reduce service disruptions. No hot water usage eliminates the steam truck for less fuel consumption. Lingering odor and downstream contamination are prevented. Portable UV curing units are available for 6- to 12-inch-diameter pipe, while vehicle-mounted systems are available for 6- to 60-inch-diameter pipe. 800/234-7205;; Booth 5158.

CIPP Services

The UL-approved Catalyst Blending Unit from CIPP Services can be used in cured-in-place pipe lining wetout facilities. The unit is designed to use Perkadox 26 catalyst as a replacement for Perkadox 16, meeting new chemical regulation compliance and allowing for a 40 percent reduction in catalyst costs. Controlled by a touch-screen computer, the unit automatically warms a set amount of styrene to allow the Perkadox 26 to safety dissolve into solution without triggering an unwanted chemical reaction. The UL approval meets OSHA standards 1910.303 and 1910.399 for worker safety. 815/712-8708;; Booths 4342, 4343.


Avanti International

AV-100 from Avanti International is an ultra-low viscosity chemically reactive gel available as either granules or liquid. It has a viscosity similar to water, can permeate anywhere water can travel and cures within a controllable time frame, anywhere from five seconds to plus-or-minus 10 hours. Once it cures, it creates an effective, long-lasting water barrier while providing soil stabilization. The gel is designed to stop water infiltration in manholes, sanitary and storm sewer mainlines, joints, laterals, tunnels, mines, and various other geotechnical applications and underground structures by stabilizing external substrate. 800/877-2570;


Test and Seal Packers for the trenchless rehabilitation of collection systems from Logiball are designed to stop infiltration at lateral connections and in lateral joints from the mainline sewer access to as far as 30 feet from the mainline. Chemical grout is pumped through the packer and forced out through existing pipe defects to seal and stabilize the soil around the injection points, preventing washout of backfill fines into the sewer and sealing off infiltration. 800/246-5988;; Booth 5227.

Picote Solutions

Picote Solutions can be used to coat pipes from 1 1/4 to 6 inches in diameter, as well as reinforce small areas. The coating resin creates a new pipe that is self-supporting, damp-proof, corrosion-resistant and elastic. The coating pump is attached on the top of the Picote Mini Miller, which can be used for drain cleaning and reinstatements. The compact system fits in tight places, is easy to clean and service, and is suitable for nearly every type of pipe, including potable applications. 706/436-1892;; Booth 4314.


GeoKrete geopolymer from Quadex is a corrosion-resistant structural repair mortar used for rehabilitating deteriorated stormwater and sanitary sewer structures. Spray-applied or centrifugally cast, the coating is made primarily from recycled industrial byproducts and cures via polymerization instead of hydration, yielding a strong quick-setting repair mortar with chemical resistance. 870/688-7100;; Booth 1092.

Lining Systems


DynaLiner PVC pipe has an estimated life span of 400 years and is recyclable up to seven times. Made in-factory, the inert liner has no chemicals to impact the environment. It can be installed quickly, has a small installation footprint and uses little energy. It is chemical-resistant and uses low pressure, reducing the chance of damage to the host pipe. 205/314-2498;; Booth 6530.


DURAPOX 60-day open time epoxy resin from Formadrain enables crews to focus on work without stress. Liners can be shipped pre-wet, saving on preparation time. Live technical support is available 8 a.m. to 8 p.m. ET. 888/337-6764;; Booth 1244.

Hammelmann Corp.

The Pipemaster manually operated, high-pressure hose rotating system from Hammelmann Corp. removes soft and hard deposits from the inside of pipes, including those with bends and vertical sections. A high-pressure supply line is fixed between the pump and the rotary joint. A second hose is connected to the rotary joint and runs via the deployment unit to the positioning device. 800/783-4935;; Booth 3109.

Hy-Flex Corporation

The 30GM/DM trailer-mounted rotor/stator pump from Hy-Flex Corporation has an integrated mixer and air compressor. Available with either a standard gasoline or optional diesel engine, it is designed to pump cementitious linings and coatings. Mated with an optional Hy-Flex SpinCaster, the pump is a high-output, agile, compact package for contractors performing wastewater, containment repair and rehabilitation projects. 866/849-6246;; Booth 5559.

IBG HydroTech GmbH

The IBG UV-Patch-System from IBG HydroTech GmbH is a compact and mobile part liner system that allows for the rehabilitation of damaged pipe sections in lengths up to 40 inches and diameters from 6 to 24 inches. It works for defective pipe connections, selective corrosion, pipe cracks, root intrusion, broken fragments, infiltration and ex-filtration. Three UV lamps, 250 watts each, cure the patch that cures in eight minutes.; Booth 5561.

LMK Technologies

The T-Liner from LMK Technologies is a one-piece main and lateral CIPP connection that is ASTM F2561 compliant. It has uniform wall thickness and incorporates compressible lining material at the upstream and downstream ends, creating a smooth tapered transition to the host pipe. Both the mainline and lateral sections are formed as a structural cylinder that renews 18 inches and 360 degrees of the mainline and extends up the lateral pipe as one continuous lining. It combines with Insignia compression gasket-sealing technology to provide a non-leaking system. The compression gaskets are embedded between the host pipe and T-Liner and are compatible with all pipe types, including polyethylene. 815/433-1275;; Booth 1350.

MaxLiner USA

SuperFlex single-layer CIPP liner from MaxLiner USA is PU laminate coated, stitched and bonded to polyester felt. Flexible in bends, the liner is available in 2- to 8-inch diameters and is 4 1/2 mm thick. Using inversion installation, it is used with MaxPox resin and hardener from the MaxLiner system and will go around bends with minimal wrinkling. 877/426-5948;; Booth 1160.

Nu Flow Technologies

The Nu Drain CIPP system from Nu Flow Technologies is designed for small-diameter renewal of inside infrastructure pipe systems and lateral drainlines using as little as one access point. It uses a liner saturated with epoxy to create a barrier inside host pipes, and can restore entire lines and span missing sections of pipe. The system is best suited for pipe 3/4 to 12 inches in diameter and larger custom sizes, while accommodating multiple 45- and 90-degree elbows. 905/433-5510;; Booth 5361.

Perma-Liner Industries

The Perma-Lateral System from Perma-Liner Industries is designed for 2- to 8-inch pipe diameters, and can be installed through clean-outs or open-end pipes. The liner can be ambient cured in three hours or steam cured in 20 minutes. Pipe diameters of 2 to 4 inches can be rehabilitated up to 120 feet in length, while 5- to 8-inch pipes can be rehabilitated up to 600 feet in length. Listings include Uniform Plumbing Code, ICC-ES PMG, International Residential Code, International Plumbing Code, IAPMO Classified Marking, and the NSF/ANSI Standard 14 Certification and Quality Assurance Program. It is third-party tested and certified environmentally safe with odorless materials. 866/336-2568;; Booth 3223.

Quik-Lining Systems

The Quik Shot lateral lining system from Quik Lining Systems offers lateral lining that is simple to operate and has application flexibility. It can be used on liner sizes from 2- through 8-inch diameters and liner thicknesses from 2 to 6 mm. 605/695-6778;; Booth 6404.

Pipe Cutters/Cleaners

Exact Pipe Tools

The PipeCut 360E from Exact Pipe Tools can be used for cutting a range of large-diameter cast iron, multi-layer, steel, stainless steel, copper and plastic pipes. It has two-stage motor speed control, constant torque, soft start and automatic overload protection. This large-diameter pipe saw can cut 3- to 14-inch-diameter pipes with wall thicknesses ranging from 0.4 to 1.7 inches. It can be used in a variety of applications, including water and wastewater systems, power generation, refinery and chemical plants, hospitals and facilities, home building and renovation, shipbuilding, pulp and paper, heating and cooling systems, gas installations and maintenance and repair.  844/392-2800;; Booth 1327.

TRY TEK Machine Works

The Trydent 80 small-pipe cutting system from TRY TEK Machine Works is designed for the reinstatement of interior or exterior relined pipes from 3 to 6 inches in diameter. Operators can access pipe systems through clean-out ports or rooftop vent pipes. Buildings where tenants or operations cannot be disturbed are ideal prospects. It can be used to reinstate an entire vertical waste pipe from a single access point. Its small, powerful cutting head can maneuver around 90- and 45-degree elbows and navigate multiple bends and turns. Its reach extends up to 100 feet and its 23-inch width provides easy access through doorways. 717/428-1477;; Booth 1222.

MyTana HSC1

The HSC1 high-speed low-torque cutter from MyTana can be used for de-scaling cast iron pipes before relining, for straight-cut reinstatement and overshoot cleanup or for collapsed liner removal. It is suitable for 2- to 6-inch pipes and offers a 70-foot range with a lightweight flex-shaft. The portable unit has a telescoping handle and stair climbers. Safety features include an air-actuated foot switch with guard and GFI protection. 800/328-8170;; Booth 2200.

Pipeline Renewal Technologies

The JetCam 40 from Pipeline Renewal Technologies uses high-pressure water for propulsion, steering and cleaning as it captures live inspection video from inside lateral lines. It is able to traverse multiple bends in pipe, steer through branches and levitate above debris, enabling commercial plumbers to locate failed pipes, cross bores and blockages, as well as perform cleaning. It is fully water-driven, with six propulsion nozzles and a steering/levitation nozzle on the side of the camera. An optional forward-facing nozzle can clear debris. 866/936-8476;; Booth 6026.

Pipe Bursting/Boring

TT Technologies

The Mini 400G Grundoburst static pipe bursting system from TT Technologies is designed for tight working conditions and incorporates a specially designed bracing system for manhole applications. The system is capable of bursting and replacing ductile iron and steel pipes. Pulled by a hydraulic bursting unit, the head’s cutting wheels split the host pipe. An attached expander spreads and displaces the split pipe into the surrounding soil while simultaneously pulling in the new pipe. Quicklock bursting rods are linked together, not threaded, which saves time, prevents twisting and extends the life of the cutter head. 800/533-2078;; Booth 6152.

Pow-R Mole Sales

The PD-6 steerable and locatable hydraulic-thrust boring machine from Pow-R Mole Sales plugs into any 3,000 psi hydraulic source. This pit-launched directional thrust boring machine can be used for pipe installations of up to 200 feet in length. The 6-foot-long by 3-foot-wide unit allows for setup in confined areas where use of a directional drill is not possible. It is a dry-bore system requiring no water tanks or mud pumps. It features over 84,000 pounds of thrust and can install pipes up to 8 inches in diameter. An optional digital guidance system allows for the accurate installation of on-grade sewer lines. 800/344-6653;; Booth 6330.

TRIC Tools

The Mini-Max pneumatic head driver from TRIC Tools fits inside either a 6- or 8-inch PE cap and is both head driver and pipe puller. It can bore through compact soils, dresser couplings and ductile iron. The hammer operates with 60 to 75 cfm of air at 100 psi. It is easily slipped into place after the PE cap is fused onto the replacement pipe. 888/883-8742,; Booth 5352.


Superior Signal Company

The 5E Electric Smoker from Superior Signal Company is designed to locate leaks and odors in residential and commercial plumbing systems. The blower connects to any plumbing clean-out or vent, forcing smoke through faults and cracks to identify the sources of odor and hard-to-find leaks. It handles all residential and commercial smoke testing applications, using smoke candles from 30 seconds to three minutes. It weighs 8 pounds and comes with 8 feet of industrial-grade flex-hose. 800/945-8378;; Booth 4116.


The M-45 portable, self-contained smoke generator from TURBO FOG is designed to produce dense white smoke using leak-proof liquid smoke cartridges. Each cartridge can be replaced in seconds, allowing quick and easy replacement even while the unit is operating. There is no need to add additional smoke bombs. The Briggs & Stratton-powered, turbine-type blower weighs 45 pounds and creates hurricane-force velocity with a discharge velocity of over 75 mph and 2,000 cfm. It continues to work under pressure in up to 5 3/4 inches of water. It is available with a plumbing conversion kit. 800/394-0678;; Booth 6116.


Aqua Blast Corporation 

Hot Boxes from Aqua Blast Corporation can be used with pressure washers to enhance cleaning efficiency. Common sizes of coils used are 16, 18, 20, 24 and 30 inches, depending on the amount of water to be heated and desired water temperature. The Hot Boxes deliver up to 10,000 psi, can be configured vertically or horizontally and added to jetting units for drain cleaning and thawing applications. 800/338-7373;; Booth 1091.


The multifunctional SR-SERIES from ID-TEC includes a base robot and equipment for lateral reinstatement, trimming offsets and protruded laterals, CCTV inspection, root control, jetting and calcium and concrete removal in 7-inch and larger pipelines. Its 8.2 hp cutting equipment, 15,000 psi root control equipment and 29,000 psi calcium and concrete removal equipment are water-driven and easily attach to the base robot. 503/504-8474;; Booth 1060.

Infrastructure Repair Systems

The Trenchless 90-Degree Elbow Spot Repair from Infrastructure Repair Systems was developed to seal joints, cracks or missing sections inside the 90-degree curve of any 4- to 6-inch pipe without bunching or wrinkling due to the liner’s flexible center and strong fiberglass design that expands on the outside and contracts to the pipe’s inner portion to ensure smooth, unobstructed curves. 877/327-4216;; Booth 2469.

Lansas Products 

Night Cap Plugs from Lansas Products Mfd. by Vanderlans & Sons range from 12 to 36 inches, with sizes up to 60 inches available soon. They are used during pipeline construction to prevent mud, debris, wildlife and children from getting into pipe during non-construction hours. When a crew arrives in the morning, or 6 months later, the pipe will be free of debris and ready for construction. 800/452-4902;; Booth 4001.

Mainline Backflow Products

The Straight-Fit Backwater Valve from Mainline Backflow Products has a flapper designed to smoothly guide cleaning and surveying equipment through the valve and allows for safe withdrawal, minimizing risk of damage to the flapper. The addition of a Smart-Curve snake guide prevents damage to the valve body during snaking from the main access. The valve body design has minimal slope, making it ideal for new installations and retrofits. 877/734-8671;; Booth 1333.

Source One Environmental

The SilverBack XL flexible coupling from Source One Environmental connects clay to clay and clay to plastic pipe in pipe bursting and pipe ramming applications. Its extra-long length, flexible PVC material and heavy-duty shear ring allows the coupling to fix pipe alignment problems while resisting heavy earth loads and shear forces. The coupling protects pipe from thermal expansion and contraction and unstable ground. 877/412-4740;; Booth 3211.

Trelleborg Pipe Seals Milford

Drainplus 2.0 liner from Trelleborg Pipe Seals Milford is designed for the rehabilitation of pipes with variations in internal diameter and bends. It has the ability to negotiate multiple 90-degree bends and overcome changes in internal diameter, while maintaining the required minimum 3 mm wall thickness. The silicone provides high temperature resistance and, when used in combination with Trelleborg’s range of epoxy resins, can be steam-cured without the need for calibration hoses. 800/626-2180;; Booth 1326.


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