Water and Wastewater Product News: Sept. 26, 2016

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Water and Wastewater Product News: Sept. 26, 2016
The iFD Stator 2.0 from NETZSCH Pumps North America is designed for difficult pumping applications.

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NETZSCH Pumps North America stator
The iFD Stator 2.0 from NETZSCH Pumps North America is designed for difficult pumping applications. The stator delivers reduced pulsation and improved fluid flow compared to conventional stator designs and increases efficiency due to reduced starting and running torque. There is no limitation of speed or pressure when measured against the standard stator, and the axial mobility of the elastomer prolongs service life. The stator is environmentally friendly because the housing can be reused. Changing the stator is easy due to compression-free assembly and disassembly. The defined compression is automatically generated when the elastomer collar is fastened. 610/363-8010; www.netzschusa.com.

Vermeer horizontal directional drill
The D10x15 S3 Navigator horizontal directional drill from Vermeer is designed for utility installations. The drill is 12.5 feet long and is equipped with a 60 hp Deutz TD2.9 Tier 4 Final engine. It is capable of thrust/pullback to 10,000 pounds with a maximum torque to 1,500 ft-lbs, maximum spindle speed to 220 rpm and maximum carriage speed to 208 fpm. The drill’s sound levels help reduce noise and disturbance on residential job sites and enables easier communication among crew members. 641/628-3141; www.vermeer.com.

Integrity Municipal Systems sulfate feed system
The liquid ammonium sulfate feed system from Integrity Municipal Systems features a two-tank upflow saturator and feed system technology that produces a 40 percent liquid ammonium sulfate solution from solid ammonium sulfate for approximately $3 per gallon. Unlike aqueous ammonia, liquid ammonium sulfate has an indefinite storage life, and is odorless and nontoxic. The compact, fully contained system eliminates the risk of liquid ammonium sulfate solution from entering floor drains. Separate saturator and solution tanks reduce or eliminate suspended solids in the solution tanks and prevent the dosing pump from plugging. A skid-mounted enclosure is available for protection from the environment in outdoor and remote locations. 858/486-1620; www.integrityms.net.

Schneider Electric medium voltage switchgear
Premset medium voltage switchgear from Schneider Electric is designed for power distribution management in wastewater applications. The main circuit components are insulated by a layer of solid material covered by an external conductive coating with ground potential. Features include a shielded solid insulation system (SSIS) and screening of all live parts. The modular design simplifies installation and upgrades. Advanced protection, control and monitoring technology is fully integrated for greater reliability and energy efficiency. Other features include automated redundancy (auto source transfer), load management with integrated smart metering, asset management with advanced switchgear and transformer monitoring, and VIP self-powered protection and communication relay for higher MV network availability. 888/778-2733; www.schneider-electric.us.

RIDGID StrapLock pipe handle
The RIDGID StrapLock pipe handle is designed to simplify the installation, maintenance and handling of large-diameter plastic pipe. The handle grips plastic pipe from 3 to 8 inches in diameter with its rapid size adjustment. Ideal for use in tight quarters and wet conditions, the handle allows force to be applied in all directions. 800/769-7743; www.RIDGID.com.

Komatsu America Corp wheel loader
The WA320-8 wheel loader from Komatsu America Corp is designed for any application from pallet handling to hard digging. The wheel loader features an easy-to-control hydrostatic transmission and a 165 hp Tier 4 Final engine, which lowers fuel consumption by up to 3 percent in V-cycle loading and 2 percent in load and carry applications. 847/437-5800; www.komatsuamerica.com.


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