Water and Wastewater Product News: April 3, 2017

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Water and Wastewater Product News: April 3, 2017
The I Series from Felling Trailers incorporates additional standard features, structural strength and ease of operator use.

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Felling Trailers I Series
The I Series from Felling Trailers incorporates additional standard features, structural strength and ease of operator use. The design of the hitch plate area has been simplified to reduce the number of welds needed in production, adding strength in final construction. The tailboard incorporates a four tail light LED system and a new design that offers a level transition onto rear deck boards when loading, extending deck life. An additional 2 inches to the ramp width provides an 18-inch center gap between ramps. 800/245-2809; www.felling.com.

CCI Pipeline Systems pipe stands
Pipe stands from CCI Pipeline Systems are designed to accommodate multiple pipe sizes, allow for 6 inches of grade height adjustment, and offer a standard base height of 30 inches. They can be cut to a preferred length in the field and the base plates are predrilled for anchor bolts. The stands are available with HDG or thermoplastic powder-coat finish for corrosion resistance. ArmorCote U-bolts and ArmorPad pipe supports are used to secure pipe onto the pipe stand, and custom designs are available. 800/867-2772; www.ccipipe.com.

Singer Valve battery-operated electromagnetic flowmeter
The battery-operated SPI-MV converter from Singer Valve can run independent of an external power source for an estimated three to five years. It can also be paired with an external AC or DC power source so the battery acts as a power backup. A small solar panel can also be added to extend battery life 10 to 15 years. The flowmeter comes in the standard three-key touch local converter with diecast aluminum IP67 housing and has variable sampling frequencies that can be adapted to fit installation needs. The unit offers dual totalizer pulse output and internal datalogging options that can be used for SCADA integration and flow analysis. 888/764-7858; www.singervalve.com.

Super Products SuperJet truck-mounted jetter
The SuperJet truck-mounted jetter from Super Products has a double-acting, single-piston, hydraulically powered water pump offering a 1-1 oil-to-water ratio and rated design capacity of 100 gpm and 3,000 psi continuous duty. Its modular water tank setup accommodates capacities from 1,000 to 3,200 gallons. It has a rear compartment heated by an 80,000 Btu/hr heater that enables year-round operation in freezing environments. The control panel performs a number of functions including adjustable engine throttle with water pressure speed dial; on/off water pump PTO; psi and gpm; and hose reel joystick, pay-in/pay-out with speed control. 800/837-9711; www.superproductsllc.com.

Holehat manhole safety cover
Holehat utility manhole safety cover by Manhole Safety Covers provides a raised visual warning and structural fall protection for utility manholes. The retractable cover is lightweight, portable and simple to use. Aluminum construction gives the unit strength while the three-position retractable yellow cover provides space for maintenance, cleaning and inspection equipment. The yellow neon cover has a large warning and reflective fabric for day and nighttime visibility. 480/650-7122; www.holehat.com.

SkyGuard system for JLG boom lifts
The SkyGuard enhanced control panel protection system from JLG Industries is now standard across its boom lift units. When activated, the system stops all functions in use at the time, then temporarily reverses or undoes most functions that were in use on the lift when the system was activated. It can be activated from a variety of angles and provides protection without impeding or reducing the work envelope of the lift. The system resets with a cycling foot switch or e-stop, and has no moveable parts. 877/554-5438; www.jlg.com.

Vaughan submersible chopper conditioning pump
The conditioning pump from Vaughan Company chops and mixes floating mats and accumulated solids for easier pumping. The submersible chopper pump is mounted on a portable stand and is fitted with a high-velocity mixing nozzle. The pump recirculates the content of wet wells by chopping and mixing to produce slurry that is easily pumped out. Floating mats are removed and solids that have accumulated on the floor are re-suspended. Applications include lift station conditioning, basin conditioning, influent station and channel conditioning, holding tank conditioning and digester clean-out/homogenization. 888/249-2467; www.chopperpumps.com.

Fluid Conservation Systems PermaNet F leak noise sensors
PermaNet F leak noise sensors from FCS provide water network managers with a fixed base cellular network to monitor leakage. The compact sensors are designed for quick installation into small underground spaces, providing readings with reduced noise interference. They communicate with host software using 3G cellular communication, allowing large amounts of data to be transferred with no radio mesh infrastructure to maintain. The sensors have a long battery life and are fully sealed and submersible with an IP68 waterproof rating. 800/531-5465; www.fluidconservation.com.

A.Y. McDonald Telescoping Curb Box
The Telescoping Curb Box from A.Y. McDonald allows a 36-inch adjustability range leading to a decrease in inventory, easy installation and flexibility in the field. The box is also adaptable with a small arch and 1 1/2- or 2-inch NPT threads for 3/4- to 2-inch Minneapolis-style curb stop threads. It is made of lightweight, noncorrosive composite materials and has a repairable top section. The curb box comes with an optional stainless steel rod and interchangeable bases. 800/292-2737; www.aymcdonald.com.


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