Contractor Finds Efficient Way to Rehab 800 Laterals

MBI Pipelining relies on LMK Technologies products to offer municipalities a trenchless solution to infrastructure issues
Contractor Finds Efficient Way to Rehab 800 Laterals
LMK's T-Liner

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MBI Pipelining took on one of its biggest tests in 2014 — the rehab of 800 laterals in New Castle County, Delaware. And the company got the entire project done in a little over a year.

MBI turned to LMK Technologies products to get the job done both effectively and efficiently.

“They offer a wide array of technologies to fit all our in-field needs,” says Pat Wunsch, MBI’s project manager. “I especially like the way their system enables us to rehab multiple laterals with one setup. This provides tremendous cost, time and manpower savings. I wouldn’t work with anyone else.”

It was also LMK Technologies that helped launch MBI’s start in the trenchless industry in the first place. MBI is an offshoot of Musson Brothers, a Wisconsin-based company established in 1945 providing excavating, earth moving, paving, concrete and asphalt services. The move into the trenchless arena began in 2006, when Musson’s management had a “gut feel” about the emerging market and decided to start MBI, says Wunsch.

As a first step in setting up the new business, Musson reached out to LMK Technologies based on the company’s reputation for state-of-the-art CIPP systems and comprehensive educational and informational programs. Things began with “brown bag, lunch-and-learn sessions” with LMK engineers, which provided hands-on product and installation experience, and today extends through LMK’s warrantied technologies.

“It’s certainly reassuring that LMK stands behind everything they offer,” Wunsch says.

800 laterals in Delaware
The New Castle County job included the repair and rehab of 3- to 75-foot sections of clay, cast iron and concrete tile pipe riddled with cracks, intrusions and offset joints.

Each pipe section required measurement, cleaning, televising and repair, and lines were based everywhere from residential backyards and easements to off-road closed lots. In every case, the individual projects were completed in three hours or less through the use of LMK’s trenchless rehab technologies: T-Liner Main-to-Lateral Connection Liner System and T-Liner Shorty System.

LMK developed the T-Liner System as a one-piece homogenous main/lateral connection liner. Both the mainline and lateral sections are formed as a structural cylinder that renews 18 inches and 360 degrees of the mainline, and extends up the lateral pipe as one continuous lining. Designed for laterals up to 200 feet long and used in more than 50,000 successful installations, the T-Liner System ensures uniform wall thickness and smooth, tapered transitions. Every T-Liner also complies with ASTM F256-11, while adhering to LMK’s stringent quality assurance program.

In addition, LMK’s T-Liner Shorty is a one-piece, structural, stand-alone homogenous main/lateral CIPP connection liner that can extend 3 to 10 feet into the lateral pipe. It is designed for municipalities wanting to repair connection seals without the added costs or legal issues associated with lengthier rehab work. Incorporating all the significant features found in a standard T-Liner, the Shorty provides vacuum impregnation, inversion installation, tapered ends for a smooth transition, and a long-term sealed impervious coating that doesn’t require an outside clean-out.

Today, MBI Pipelining’s services include a full suite of CIPP, CCTV inspection, pipeline condition assessment, hydroexcavation and sewer cleaning. Clients range from residential and commercial customers to municipalities based throughout Wisconsin and surrounding areas of the Midwest as well as the East Coast. It is CIPP in particular, like what was provided to New Castle County, Delaware, that has been a top service for MBI as it has grown over the past decade.

“By utilizing the CIPP method, we have the ability to repair pipes without extensive excavation or disruption,” says Wunsch. “This is an extremely important service for the local region and beyond given the aging sewer line infrastructure that in many areas can be anywhere from 50 to 100 years old.”

For more information on Musson Brothers and its MBI Pipelining specialty services, visit or call 262/790-5060.

LMK Technologies, a world leader specializing in trenchless methods to renew lateral sewer infrastructure, has more than 100 U.S.- and foreign-issued patents for its advancements in trenchless technology. Headquartered in Ottawa, Illinois, since 1993, LMK serves the municipal and residential markets through a network of licensed and certified contractors. For more information, visit, call 815/640-9302, or email


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