Case Study: Cape Breton uses Hydro-Guard HG-8 to improve water quality

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In the Cape Breton Regional Municipality, Nova Scotia, an estimated 10 million gallons of treated, chlorinated water flows annually into the Sydney River. Since local lobster trapping grounds are nearby, this activity causes major concern for the Department of the Environment. When the municipality exposed the trench to install a sub-surface, Hydro-Guard HG-8 automated flushing device, a 35-year old Mueller inverted key curb stop used for routing flushed water through 3/4-inch polyethylene tubing to the river was connected to the outlet of the HG-8. Despite the age of the curb stop, it still proved to be a reliable connection. With the help of a new Mueller Oriseal curb stop on the inlet side of the HG-8 and an adjustable arch base service box, a second HG-8 was softly compacted to finish the simple installation. The programming of one-hour flush events was done by local Mueller Canada Technical Sales Representative, Jeff Jensen. This installation will recover costs in less than four months and conserve more than eight million gallons of water annually. 423/209-4855;


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