Water and Wastewater Product News: Jan. 1, 2018

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Water and Wastewater Product News: Jan. 1, 2018

Reed’s PDEB250 Cone Chamfer Tool efficiently chamfers the inside or outside diameter of plastic pipe.

Reed PDEB250 Cone Chamfer Tool
Reed’s PDEB250 Cone Chamfer Tool efficiently chamfers the inside or outside diameter of plastic pipe. The cone shape fits the full range of pipe from 3/4- to 2 1/2-inch nominal diameter, including metric sizes, with one tool. Used with drill power or manually, the tool makes short work of external or internal chamfer jobs. Chamfer on plastic pipe provides an even penetration of glue, creating a better solvent weld. It complies with appliance and glue manufacturers’ installation requirements. It has a hardened steel blade for smooth cuts and long blade life. 800-666-3691; www.reedmfgco.com.

Mueller swing check valves
To meet the higher pressure requirements of today’s water infrastructure systems, all 2- to 12-inch Mueller UL/FM swing check valves are now rated at 350 psig cold working pressure. In addition, the product line has been expanded to include 2-, 14- and 16-inch sizes. The two largest sizes are rated at 250 psig CWP. Standard features include all ductile iron construction, bronze to BUNA seating, lifting rings, PN16 drilling, bosses for bypass connections, and a drain plug. 800-423-1323; www.muellercompany.com.

Inflow Seal manhole cover sealing system
The manhole cover sealing system from Inflow Seal is a vertical rubber gasket that installs on the casting to seal out inflow. The EPDM seal is designed with internal hollow voids to enable the material to contract yet apply a sealing force against the cover’s vertical side. The rubber comes in a long, continuous run and is cut to length to fit the size of the manhole casting opening. The seal is attached to the casting using a marine-grade adhesive/sealant. Silicone grease is applied to protect the seal, lubricate, and enhance the water sealing capabilities. The system is capable of sealing up to 3 feet of water depth. 800-490-5325; www.inflowseal.com.

Water Cannon Inc. - MWBE 12-volt fluid transfer pump
The EF4000 Everflo 12-volt diaphragm pump from Water Cannon Inc. - MWBE is ideal for fluid transfer applications, agricultural sprayers and spot sprayers. The lightweight and versatile pump comes equipped with a polypropylene housing and valve plate, Viton valves, and a santoprene diaphragm. It also features a low-demand switch that automatically turns the pump on and off as flow is required. This feature eliminates the need for a pressure regulator or bypass valve, making it more efficient. Power is only used when the pump flow is in demand. It is self-priming up to 8 feet and has a maximum fluid temperature of 140 degrees F. 800-333-9274; www.watercannon.com.

Petersen Products Multi-Flex Annular Seals
Petersen Products’ Multi-Flex Annular Seals slip over the end of a pipe, creating a seal between the inner bypass pipe and the outer main pipeline. Annular Seals are possible for almost any size, pressure, chemical or temperature requirement. The seals are very flexible, easy to install, and offer many inflation connection options. The seals are ideal for bypassing a pipeline during repairs on a variety of small to large temporary pipeline connections. 800-926-1926; www.petersenproducts.com.

McElroy Acrobat 315 fusion machine
The Acrobat 315 from McElroy meets the demand for polypropylene pipe fusion capability up to 12 inches while offering low- and high-force options for pipe. The compact, lightweight machine functions indoors in tight workspaces and outdoors in the smallest trenches. The machine can be paired with two different hydraulic power units to meet the maximum system pressure desired. There are also two options for carriage pressure configurations: low force, for fusing in low-drag situations or with thinner-walled pipe, and high force, for fusing in high-drag and vertical applications. The facer has a motor and gear reduction, which creates a lightweight, compact assembly that is balanced, and it also has a trigger-released lock to secure it in the carriage during use. 918-836-8611; www.mcelroy.com.


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