Water and Wastewater Product News: May 9, 2018

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WinCan manholes module
The manholes module from WinCan imports imagery and geometric data from automated manhole inspection equipment and provides the tools to analyze, annotate, report and share information. Users can use the module to create a virtual manhole, using pan, tilt and zoom to scrutinize defects. It supports defect-coding standards like MACP and WRC and makes it easy to generate custom reports that include tables, images and schematics. The module is fully compatible with WinCan Web, so inspection results can be uploaded to grant others access to view reports and navigate virtual manholes instantly on any device with a web browser. 
877-626-8386; www.wincan.com.

Super Products Camel Maxxx 1200 sewer cleaner
The Super Products Camel Maxxx 1200 sewer cleaner offers 1,500-gallon water and 12-yard debris capacity and a large 7-inch display at the front control panel. It uses a heavy-duty transfer case with a hot shift blower control at the front operator’s station, eliminating trips back inside the cab to turn the vacuum pump on and off. An extreme transfer case and hydraulic cooling system allow for continuous work without the fear of overheating. The front-mounted hose reel extends 18 inches and is capable of 270-degree rotation, even when fully retracted, and is lockable in any position. 800-837-9711; www.superproductsllc.com.

Mueller Water Products ME-8 encoder
The Mueller Encoder Eight (ME-8) register combines reliable mechanical components with a new automated data acquisition system that improves meter accuracy and functionality for utilities. Using a heat-treated tempered glass lens and corrosion-resistant copper can to house the register light tubes, electronics, self-lubricating gearing and drive magnet, the ME-8 is designed to provide dependable service with no maintenance required. It is available for use on all current Mueller Systems positive displacement meters from 5/8- through 2-inch sizes. 
800-523-8618; www.muellersystems.com.

Picote Solutions Liner Cannon pipe lining drum
The Picote Solutions Liner Cannon is a lightweight, transparent tool designed to assist in the installation of CIPP linings, particularly smaller diameters. The transparent shell allows the user to watch the lining process in real time as it progresses. It uses the Fast Lock System to install liners from 2 to 4 inches in diameter. The single Cannon inversion kit includes multiple inversion heads and a Fast Cap to cover the varying diameter installations. For particularly tight spaces and shorter liner lengths, the Cannon Mini is also available. Both systems are constructed using heavy-duty polycarbonate and aluminum and are safe to use with two independent pressure release systems and a maximum operating pressure of 29 psi. 
219-440-1404; www.picotesolutions.com.

Scot Pump stamped 304 stainless steel pumps
The expanded line of Scot Pumps’ stamped 304 stainless steel pumps with NPT connections includes nine new ANSI flanged centerline discharge models. The new 320-328 series covers up to 385 gpm and 275 feet of head. The pumps feature a slip-fit O-ring/flinger design which prevents leaks caused by deformation as a result over-tightening. They are mounted on a JM frame and incorporate a back pull-out design and weep holes in the impeller. The weep holes extend seal life by creating fluid movement in the seal cavity which aids in venting of air at start-up. 888-945-6872; www.scotpump.com.

Felling Trailers EZ Tilt Technology
Felling Trailers EZ Tilt Technology allows for ground-level loading with its rotating torsion suspension, providing a 5-degree load angle. The low load angle makes it possible to load and unload low clearance equipment such as floor sweepers, scissor lifts and rollers. The EZ Tilt has an 18.5-foot deck length, including a 3.5-foot approach plate at the rear of the deck. The electric/hydraulic lift system, with corded remote and 12-volt battery in a lockable enclosure, gives the operator the ability to load and deliver two scissor lifts at a time. 
800-245-2809; www.felling.com.

Uticom Systems U1864D confined space cover sign
U1864D confined space cover signs from Uticom Systems are durable and easy to install and store. The signs increase confined-space safety and reduce the risk of falling into or entering an uncovered or unsafe manhole. They comply with OSHA 1910.146, 1910.121 and ANSI Z535.1, Z535.2 and Z535.3. The signs have a nonskid adhesive backing and are made of a 0.125-inch polycarbonate with reflective material. They are also available in an 18- by 36-inch label, backed with an adhesive to apply to plywood. 800-548-5321; www.uticom.net.

Trelleborg Pipe Seals watertight pipe seals
Specifically designed for high-pressure potable water pipe relining, the I-Lock-P Mechanical Seal and the L-Lock-P Liner End Seal from Trelleborg Pipe Seals provide a watertight seal for most types of pipe, including steel, cast iron, concrete and plastic. Both are easily installed using a high-force hydraulic expansion tool and are available in multiple diameters. The I-Lock-P is a mechanical seal applied without a liner to repair sections of cracked or damaged pipe, and the L-Lock-P is a rubber liner end seal with stainless steel expansion bands, designed to keep the liner firmly in place. 800-626-2180; www.trelleborg.com.

Weil Pump programmable logic controller panels
PLC panels from Weil Pump provide a platform for the control of most pumping systems, including commercial, industrial, process and booster service pumps. The panels have the flexibility to control up to four pumps and work with a variety of level controls, from state-of-the-art transducers to traditional float switches. The PLCs have advanced monitoring capabilities, multiple fail-safes and built-in troubleshooting and provide early detection of faults to help keep mission-critical systems running smoothly without interruption. In addition, the panels offer detailed metrics on pumping operation, maintenance intervals and alarm histories for offsite management and control, reducing the likelihood of having to enter the confined conditions on-site. 888-945-6872; www.weilpump.com.

Krausz USA HYMAX 2 coupling
The HYMAX 2 coupling from Krausz USA features a flip gasket that easily flips in or out to accommodate different pipe O.D.s, allowing for faster and more efficient installations. The gasket also eliminates gasket removal mistakes since there is no need to tear out gasket layers to accommodate larger pipe O.D.s. The coupling’s two top-facing bolts eliminate the need for extensive under-pipe digging, minimizing installer time in the ditch and maximizing worker safety. The HYMAX 2 features a T-handle to make it easy to carry and adjust on the pipe, and is a durable, long-term repair solution that can reliably withstand harsh ground conditions. 
855-457-2879; www.krauszusa.com.

Wilo USA pump parts replacement kit program
Wilo USA’s kit program features two types of standard kits for both oiled and oil-less motors: the Power Kit and the Hydraulic Kit, for select FA pumps ranging from 2.8 to 25 hp. The Power Kit has the pump motor and necessary cables, while the Hydraulic Kit includes a volute kit, suction cover (if applicable) and an impeller kit, which has a full-sized unbalanced impeller that can be trimmed and balanced per the necessary specifications. The program was designed to allow locally authorized distributors to configure complete pumps within 24 hours, reducing lead time. 888-945-6872; www.wilo-usa.com.

Water Cannon Inc. - MWBE  indoor application pressure washers
The new industrial-duty line of indoor pressure washers from Water Cannon Inc. - MWBE are powered with a Baldor Electric 20 hp motor and the General Pump TSP Series pump. Three models are available, offering up to 5.5 gpm and 7,000 psi. The attachment kit includes a 50-foot hose, trigger gun and wand, and comes with quick-connect nozzles. The auto-stop/start feature shuts down the motor and pump when the trigger gun is closed. 
800-333-9274; www.watercannon.com.


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