Product News: July 2018

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Krausz USA HYMAX GRIP 16-inch
The HYMAX GRIP 16-inch restraint coupling from Krausz USA features only four top-facing bolts for installers to tighten and a stab-fit, one-piece design. The top-facing bolts eliminate underdigging for space to crawl under the pipe to tighten bolts, while the stab-fit, one-piece design allows for easier and faster installation, eliminating problems such as losing bolts in the mud. Capable of gripping and connecting pipes with 70 tons of power, the GRIP chain offers circular restraint around the pipe using a radial closing mechanism that holds pipes tightly in place during installation, allowing full control over the gap between pipes. The coupling can absorb post-installation dynamic pipe deflection of up to 4 degrees on each end, reducing the risk of damage and cracking due to ground shifts and temperature changes, and saving resources on future pipe repairs. 855-457-2879;

Vactor RDB 1015 rapid deployment boom
Vactor has introduced the RDB 1015 rapid deployment boom as an option for the company’s 2100 Series combination sewer cleaners, which include the Vactor 2100i and 2100 Plus trucks. The boom telescopes 10 feet out and extends the debris hose an additional 15 feet down for faster cleaning of catch basins, manholes and lift stations. The boom has a telescoping tube-within-a-tube design and a flexible hose resides inside the inner tube. The hose extension assembly uses a positively driven belt to advance the flexible hose from inside the telescoping tube. When positioned for work, the hose remains securely in place. 

Mueller Water Products Super Centurion fire hydrant
The Super Centurion fire hydrant from Mueller Water Products features a two-piece ductile iron upper barrel with a nozzle section that can be separated from the traffic section by removing two high-strength bolts, making seat replacement or traffic repair simple and quick. The A-403 has a traffic flange; 5 1/4-inch, fully encapsulated, reversible main valve; a durable polyurethane topcoat; and automatic oil lubrication. All internal components, nozzles and repair parts are fully interchangeable with the Super Centurion 250 hydrant. The A-403 is currently available with a 5 1/4-inch main valve and a three-way opening configuration with two hose nozzles and one pumper nozzle.  This lightweight, dry barrel fire hydrant is certified UL/FM/AWWA at 350 psi operating pressure and factory tested to 700 psi. 

Watts Water Technologies Dead Level Brickslot Grate
The Dead Level Brickslot Grate from Watts Water Technologies is a stainless steel slot drain option available for all 6-inch-wide Dead Level Systems: ductile iron frame, polypropylene frame, and shallow channel for cast-in-place applications. The Brickslot Grate is an ideal solution for jobs that require an equipment- or pedestrian-friendly slope to a finished grade for use with brick pavers or concrete. Its sleek look is designed to fade into the pavement and complement the architectural design of the surface while efficiently draining walkways and working areas. 978-688-1811;

Felling Trailers Utility Pole Trailers
The new Utility Pole Trailers from Felling Trailers come in three lengths: 20 feet retracted to 30 feet extended, 24 feet retracted to 40 feet extended, and 29 feet retracted to 46 feet extended. Payload capacities from 7,980 up to 36,600 pounds are available. Electric brakes are standard, and all can be equipped with air brakes if needed. Equipped with a 2-inch cold-rolled steel, positive-locking adjustment pin and designed with a notched flange welded on the pin, the flange notches have to pass through two tabs welded 90 degrees from each other assuring a positive locked position. Multiple load securement points are located down the mainframe rail, and three D-rings provide ideal tie-down points for the material being carried in the cargo area. 866-213-2949;

Itron Intelis water meter
The Itron Intelis water meter uses edge intelligence to track flow usage patterns at the meter level. It will also offer automated metering infrastructure and additional water management capabilities through Itron’s interoperable, secure and scalable OpenWay Riva and Gen5 networks. With no moving parts, the meter will maintain the same accuracy throughout its lifetime, requiring no hardware maintenance while effectively meeting American Water Works Association standards for residential meters. Real-time alarms and flow data from the meter coupled with an OpenWay Riva water module enable utilities to respond quickly to backflow, leaks or theft. 866-374-8766;


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