Equipment Highlights from WWETT 2019

Envirosight’s latest technologies were on display at the biggest water and wastewater trade show of the year

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Equipment Highlights from WWETT 2019

The WWETT Show is always the best place to check out new equipment. But if you missed it this year, don’t worry: You can still request demos and more information about the inspection crawlers, video nozzles and more from Envirosight. 

NEW — Your Jetter Truck is Now a Camera Truck

The next-generation Jetscan HD video nozzle attaches to any jetter hose to capture detailed footage. It's perfect for verifying cleaning and surveying pipe condition — without the need for a separate TV truck.

Jetscan streams captured video to a tablet device, off-loads video files via Wi-Fi or USB, and recharges wirelessly. Be the first to see it — only at WWETT.

What Makes ROVVER X a Leading Sewer Inspection Crawler?

Ask eight owners and you'll get eight different answers: agility, versatility, low cost-of-ownership, ease of use, portability, uptime, productivity and innovation.

ROVVER X tackles your toughest inspection challenges regardless of pipe size, material and condition. Sign up for a free on-site demo. Learn more.

Award-winning Quickview airHD Surveys Sewers Rapidly

The Quickview airHD gives you the power to assess sewer condition rapidly and affordably across your entire collection system. With its wireless HD video, hands-free stabilization and tablet-based interface, you can gather the data you need to make critical decisions about cleaning and rehab. Learn more

Big Capability in Small Lines

Municipalities rely on the Verisight Pro+ to complete long runs inside clean-outs, laterals and small mains. This rugged, portable push camera records digital video that can be easily shared. It also offers:

  • Quick swapping of axial and pan-tilt camera heads
  • Ultra-bright 8-inch screen
  • Joystick controls for intuitive panning and tilting

Learn more

A Leader in Sewer Inspection Reporting and Asset Management

Get more from your sewer inspections with WinCan VX. This powerful software turns data into decisions and scales up with your organization as you grow. From gathering standards-compliant inspection data for analysis to reporting and exporting, trust WinCan. Learn more

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