Meet Verisight Pro+, the Smart Push Camera

Verisight Pro+ offers everything you need to inspect drain pipes and laterals, document your findings, and generate reports for on-site delivery

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Meet Verisight Pro+, the Smart Push Camera

Cities and plumbing contractors depend on Envirosight’s Verisight Pro+ push camera to complete critical drain pipe and lateral inspections quickly and accurately.

Superior deliverable

Verisight Pro+ lets you capture up to 90 hours of video and imagery, document your findings, and log observations. For fast, on-site delivery, quickly generate a basic report or upload to WinCan.

Maximum versatility

Benefit from interchangeable cameras that allow you to tackle any drain or lateral inspection project. Available cameras are stainless steel, hi-res and available as a self-leveling axial or pan/tilt camera.

Digital controls

Operate all camera functions, view footage in bright daylight, generate custom text overlays with a full QWERTY keyboard, and easily off-load your inspection footage by SD card or USB drive. 

Rugged durability

Housed in tough ABS plastic with an IP54 rating (splashproof), the controller can run off mains power, vehicle power or the internal rechargeable six-hour battery.

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