Triple Play! Plumbing Pro Scores With 3 Handy Tools

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Triple Play! Plumbing Pro Scores With 3 Handy Tools
Built for heavy use and abuse, General’s Jet-Set range of gas- and electric-powered water jets are great for clearing large lines and long runs.

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Reputation, reliability and results mean a lot to Vincent “Vinnie” MacDonald’s Boston-area drain cleaning business. So do the right tools.

“We tackle really tough jobs no one can handle,” the Rooter-Man franchisee says. “Customers know that we combine first-rate talent with first-rate tools to solve problems — permanently. And General gives us the equipment to do just that.”

For instance, two competitors couldn’t clear a chronically clogged sewer line in Lowell, Massachusetts. The job actually proved so challenging that both just walked away.

Equipment mix saves the day

MacDonald’s Rooter-Man technicians came to the rescue. The New England pros diagnosed, pinpointed and solved the problem by teaming three pieces of General Pipe Cleaners equipment: a Gen-Eye video inspection/location system, a Rodrunner sectional cable drain cleaning machine and a JM-3000 gas-powered water jet.

“We immediately determined that the long line was really packed with roots,” MacDonald says. “So we used the Rodrunner to bore right through the blockage.”

Weighing just 90 pounds, the Rodrunner offers plumbing and drain cleaning professionals a lightweight, powerful package capable of clearing heavy stoppages and roots in lines over 200 feet long.

The versatile, compact Rodrunner can either be run lawnmower fashion, approaching the drain opening as the self-feeding cable screws into the line — or in tight spaces, operated in up-close stationary position.

“It gives fierce boring power, and works sludge really well in long lines,” MacDonald says.

Clear the way

But it couldn’t handle all the sludge, so the Rooter-Man crew fired-up a JM-3000 water jet to clear the remaining debris for a final camera inspection.

Built for heavy use and abuse, the powerful JM-3000 — part of General’s Jet-Set range of gas- and electric-powered water jets — is great for clearing large lines and long runs. A reliable 13 hp Honda engine with electric start through a 2:1 gear reducer powers a heavy-duty 3,000 psi/4 gpm triplex pump and extends pump life. On-demand Vibra-Pulse also helps propel the hose around tight bends and farther down long lines.

The heavy-duty JM-3000 frame holds a removable 300-foot-capacity hose reel with drag brake, reel lock and swivel mount. Superbly balanced for easy handling, the maneuverable machine also rides on four 13-inch pneumatic tires. And a wheel brake keeps it solidly in place on jobs.

“Our JM-3000 cleaned the line so we finally spotted the real problem,” MacDonald says.

Quickly spot true trouble

Rooter-Man’s Gen-Eye video pipe inspection system revealed the line had actually broken and separated under the street.

“Pinpointing the exact problem led to precise repairs, fixing that unsolvable puzzle for good,” MacDonald says.

Available in various models, Gen-Eye systems offer plumbing and drain cleaning professionals everything necessary to troubleshoot 2- to 10-inch lines, including:

  • Self-leveling color camera
  • On-screen distance counter
  • Date and time stamp
  • Voice over unit
  • Built-in titler
  • AC/DC power option

And with General’s new, easy-to-use Gen-Eye Hot-Spot digital pipe locator, professionals enjoy superb accuracy, enhanced productivity and greater reliability.

Eliminating guesswork keeps costs down, quotes competitive and customers happy. Gen-Eye solutions precisely pinpoint problems without needlessly damaging structures, driveways or landscaping trying to find breaks or blockages.

Standard operating procedure

“Lather, rinse and repeat. We do this sort of thing all the time,” MacDonald says. “I’ve been teaming with General tools for over 30 years. It’s our standard de-rooting routine.”

In fact, the Boston-area Rooter-Man franchisee credits expert service and tools from General with boosting his reputation, profitability and efficiency.

“Residential or commercial jobs, we pride ourselves on permanently solving customer crises,” he says. “But we can’t fix tough problems and remain profitable without the right equipment mix. And that’s what General gives our business.”

For more information, contact the Drain Brains at General Pipe Cleaners at 800-245-6200, or visit

General Pipe Cleaners is a leading manufacturer of high quality drain cleaning equipment since 1930. General serves drain cleaning professionals and plumbing contractors, as well as facilities managers, the rental industry and the hardware/home center market. The Toughest Tools Down The Line.


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