A Technologically Advanced Leak Management Tool

Data-rich monitoring for water loss prevention, leak repair management and improving customer service, all at your fingertips

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A Technologically Advanced Leak Management Tool

Imagine being able to identify a leak virtually as soon as it forms. The EchoShore-DX permanent leak monitoring platform provides technology that gives you the ability to identify system failure points in distribution mains before they affect your water service. All in all, EchoShore-DX is highly flexible. You can expand the system in phases. To monitor larger zones, more nodes can be added to expand the monitoring area. For utilities like yours, EchoShore-DX provides a host of benefits.

Reduce water loss by monitoring your distribution mains daily. Leaks can be identified before they develop into a worst-case scenario.

Improve customer service with daily monitoring to help prioritize leak repairs. You can get ahead of customer complaints by proactively repairing leaks and avoiding emergency calls. And where water resources are limited, this can be especially important. Early leak detection can help reduce nonrevenue water.

Collect important data so you can make informed decisions. When anomalies occur, information is power, and EchoShore-DX accurately targets the location of the potential leak. When a leak is confirmed, a notification is then sent to the utility.

Leak repair management is at your command through daily monitoring that can help you avoid serious main breaks and reduce OPEX spending, as well as prioritize leak repairs.

Prioritize your repairs by knowing as soon as a leak occurs. Imagine the savings this technology can provide your utility.


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