Dependable Service and Reliable Equipment Are Keys to Success for Ontario Sewer Rehab Contractor

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Dependable Service and Reliable Equipment Are Keys to Success for Ontario Sewer Rehab Contractor

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Based in Port Perry, just outside of Toronto, Ontario, Sewer Technologies Inc., provides full sewer rehabilitation services for residential, municipalities, construction and engineering companies.

“We’ve successfully completed projects throughout Ontario — and even areas as far away as Calgary and Newfoundland,” says Chris Manners, director of trenchless rehabilitation at Sewer Technologies. “Our projects typically range from small residential jobs to large, multiyear municipal contracts and includes everything from installing liners to cleaning and performing CCTV inspections of large diameter sanitary siphons.”

With more than 20 years of experience in trenchless sewer rehabilitation, Manners plays a key role in the direction of the company and has taken on the role of project management. The biggest changes he has seen in his business are a deeper understanding of and appreciation for the need for proper sewer cleaning maintenance and repair, and greater investment in underground infrastructure.

Track record of success

Manners attributes the growth and success of his business to the solid reputation he and his team have built over the years with their customers, backed by new equipment kept in great condition.

“We’re known for providing great service and quality work, and for being very dependable and reliable,” he says. “We often need to travel an hour or longer to get to the job, and our customers are willing to pay us an hourly rate, including travel, because we’re reliable and they know our trucks won’t break down on the job. Not everyone can say that.”

Coming to the rescue is part of the job

The company’s reputation for fast, reliable service has paid off more than once. Manners recalls a recent incident where he and his crew were able to come to the rescue. “We did an emergency job involving a spill on a major highway where a truck had tipped over. They needed five trucks to handle the job, and they knew Sewer Technologies would be up for the challenge — and the quick response. The truck was still on the highway spilling waste when we arrived on the scene, that’s how quickly we got there. We provided two vacuum excavators and three Vactor combo sewer cleaners and we were able to pull all the spill waste out of the catch basin before it entered a local creek. Other contractors in the area simply don’t have that much equipment readily available.”

Growing fleet includes Vactor equipment

Sewer Technologies’ equipment fleet includes 12 Vactor combination sewer cleaners, a mix of 2100i and 2100 Plus trucks. Manners says each truck is fully equipped with the most current, state-of-the-art features to tackle the toughest sewer rehabilitation projects.

“With our Vactor combination sewer cleaners, we’re able to provide high-pressure cleaning and vacuuming of wastewater collection systems, storm water drainage systems, lift stations, manholes, and catch basins. Our crews are equipped with all of the specific cleaning nozzles, hydraulic reamers and milling cutters required to remove any foreign object including debris, gravel, roots, calcite, concrete, solidified asphalt, and other objects.”

The company’s fleet also includes eight vacuum excavators. “We started using vacuum excavation equipment about three years ago,” Manners says.

“Our Vactor equipment runs great, with no breakdowns. I’m a five-year plan guy, which means we get rid of our equipment after five years, and we are always investing in new machines. Many municipalities won’t work with contractors who have equipment older than five years, so having newer equipment works for our business. As a union company, it’s tough to compete with non-union companies, but we have a huge advantage by having newer machines in our fleet.”

Responsive dealer support an added advantage

Sewer Technologies works closely with Joe Johnson Equipment, its local equipment supplier in nearby Toronto. JJE specializes in serving municipalities, municipal contractors and industrial contractors with high-quality products, parts and service.

“Vactor and JJE have grown with me as my business has grown,” Manners says. “The JJE team visits with us regularly, and they’re very responsive. They get us the equipment we need, when we need it, and they provide knowledgeable staff for training when we need it.”

For more information on Vactor combination sewer cleaners, please visit or contact your local Vactor dealer.


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