Are You Working to Prevent Sinkholes?

Protect against costly and dangerous sinkholes in your wastewater system by addressing I&I

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Are You Working to Prevent Sinkholes?

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Sinkholes pose major safety risks, and they do hundreds of millions of dollars worth of damage every year.

Cover-collapse sinkholes, specifically, are a threat to wastewater utilities with damaged pipes. Sinkholes can also have a ripple effect on watersheds and wastewater and stormwater systems around them. The first step to preventing a sinkhole caused by leaking pipes is developing a strong sewer inspection program focused on inflow and infiltration management.

Routine maintenance and sewer inspection can save your utility money while keeping your community safe from catastrophic collapse. 

Learn more about identifying an impending sinkhole and how the right equipment can aid your utility in developing a management plan:

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