Envirosight’s New Lateral Launch System

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Envirosight’s New Lateral Launch System

The new ROVVER X SAT II Lateral Launch crawls faster and launches farther. And with patent-pending belt feed technology, Envirosight has minimized cost of ownership and maximized uptime. Whether you're locating dangerous cross bores or identifying structural defects, Envirosight is putting you in the driver’s seat for the most efficient, most dynamic inspection experience possible.

Fearlessly redesigned from the ground up, the SAT II’s powerful 8-by-8 drivetrain crawls twice as fast and makes it easier than ever to maneuver past offsets, obstacles and sludge. Combine that with a 5 megapixel targeting camera with 130-degree lens that lets you digitally pan, tilt and zoom for precision imaging — and a pushrod that steers 147 feet up laterals — and you can count on it to capture every detail.

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