Automated Inspection of Any Manhole

Scan up to 30 manholes per day with the fully automated manhole inspection system, CleverScan

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Automated Inspection of Any Manhole

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For inspecting manholes, CleverScan is the one system that's fully automated, standards compatible, and more productive, portable and value-driven than any other. CleverScan gives operators the ability to inspect up to 30 manholes per day.

Using five HD cameras and laser measurement, it captures and presents:

  • A detailed 360-degree image scan
  • A high-resolution 3D point cloud
  • Multiple virtual and schematic views

CleverScan sits over an open manhole. With the press of a button, the system’s probe descends into the manhole, capturing image data using five HD cameras and building a dimensional profile using an array of four lasers. An onboard rangefinder controls descent and determines when the scan is complete. Scan data is immediately transferred to a laptop running CleverScan software, where it can be viewed, annotated and shared.

CleverScan is small enough to travel in a pickup truck or car and can be hand-carried to remote access points.

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