Show Customers How to Flush Lines and Reopen Buildings Safely

Help spread the message that stagnant drinking water left in pipes during the COVID-19 pandemic should be safely flushed before public use

Show Customers How to Flush Lines and Reopen Buildings Safely

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As some businesses around the country begin to reopen after COVID-19 quarantines, it's a good time for utilities to consider sharing advice with their customers about how to safely reopen buildings.

Your customers may not realize that stagnant water which has been sitting in pipes for a number of weeks can serve as a breeding ground for bacteria and pathogens like Legionella.

Madison (Wisconsin) Water Utility is setting a good example disseminating such information, as it has shared this guide put together by Public Health Madison & Dane County that aims to help businesses and other buildings flush their water pipes and reopen safely.

They also point to a great video on flushing pipes created by Louisville (Kentucky) Water Co. — ready to share with your customers via YouTube. Check it out below:


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