Vactor 2100i Catch Basin Cleaner is Ideal for Fall Cleanup

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Vactor 2100i Catch Basin Cleaner is Ideal for Fall Cleanup

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Routine catch basin cleaning — especially in the fall when leaves and other debris enters catch basins — is an efficient and cost-effective method for preventing and removing sediment and pollutants before they can get into the waterways.

When a dedicated catch basin cleaner is needed to clean out leaves rocks, dirt, litter and other debris that can clog storm sewers and prevent them from working properly during rain events, the Vactor 2100i catch basin cleaner is equipped with a highly maneuverable boom and powerful vacuum source to move quickly and efficiently from basin to basin.

Featuring a smart truck design, the 2100i catch basin cleaner provides improved airflow and operator ergonomics, and enhanced safety. The unit’s air-routing system provides an efficient airflow path for both the single- and dual-stage fan, or a positive displacement blower configuration resulting in outstanding performance and productivity.

RDB 1015 boom option

Vactor’s RBD 1015 rapid deployment boom telescopes 10 feet out and extends the debris hose down 15 feet, speeding work and eliminating the need to assemble and disassemble additional debris tubes. With the optional RDB 1015 boom, the operator can work in areas of low overhead clearance without raising the boom and still reach needed depths with enhanced speed and efficiency.

Hydroexcavation option

For customers looking to expand capabilities beyond catch basin cleaning and into vacuum excavation, a hydroexcavation option package is available — as are water system and water heater (400,000 and 800,000 Btu) options for maximum hydroexcavation performance.

Cold-weather options

For cleaning in extremely cold temperatures, Vactor offers a number of cold-weather options for the 2100i catch basin cleaner, including a heated pump cabinet, and heated and insulated water lines.

For more information on the Vactor 2100i catch basin cleaner, please visit or see your local Vactor dealer.


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