TV and Sonar Together on a Single Cable

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TV and Sonar Together on a Single Cable

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The CUES CATVS system is a TV and sonar sewer and storm drain inspection system that transmits both video and sonar on a single multiconductor cable. This system is designed to work with the OZII camera and the Marine Electronics Sonar using a standard CUES gold cable. It can be adapted to multiple platforms including: TV/sonar float, sonar-only float, steerable and nonsteerable Pipe Ranger transporters, and the Mudmaster transporter. CATVS is ideal for partially and fully charged pipelines, including difficult-to-inspect siphons. 

Users can perform up to 5,000 feet inspection distances, depending on the equipment configuration. The system can be quickly and easily retrofitted and/or upgraded on most trucks/vehicles. Users can double their productivity by performing both Sonar and TV inspections in one run. Contact CUES for a free demo today.

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