Boss Vac Releases New Line of Vacuum Excavation Trailers

Boss Vac Releases New Line of Vacuum Excavation Trailers

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Vacuum excavation isn’t all about huge, large-scale hydrovacs. There is a need for smaller, more affordable rigs and Boss Vac filled that void with its brand-new vacuum excavation trailer.

“The trailer fits a particular market, a niche in the industry. It is not going to replace a hydrovac truck in most applications. This trailer is designed for smaller or tighter operations,” says Mark Moore, visionary of the Boss Vac brand.

Boss Vac’s vacuum excavation trailer is suitable for removing wet or dry materials, cleaning emergency road spills or hazardous waste, keyholing, trenching, cleaning irrigation canals, drilling oilfields and completion sites, removing debris from catch basins, locating underground utilities without impact damage and much more.

“We set out to tackle a particular market like fiber optics, HDD and municipality work for smaller municipalities that don’t have the budget for a large hydro or combination vacs. These are all big markets right now and that’s the market this trailer fits into,” says James Stewart, vice president of Environmental Rental Services and consultant for Boss Vac.

The tandem axle trailer is 9.5 feet wide and 21.5 feet long with the highest point reaching 7.5 feet tall with options for a gooseneck, skid or truck mount. Included on the trailer is everything needed to tackle the job from the moment it’s received. From hoses, fittings and couplings made from high-quality materials, to tried and true engines.

“We run two separate engines on our trailers and that reduces the lag when going from your water pump to your main pump,” Stewart says. “We give everyone 100% efficiency off of our design.”

On the water side, a 9 hp engine pushes 4 gpm at 4,000 psi while a separate 24 hp engine powers a vacuum generating up to 300 cfm in either gasoline or diesel options. For debris storage, Boss Vac provides options as well. Customers can choose between a 3.96-cubic-yard (800-gallon) or a 2.47-cubic-yard (500-gallon) storage tank.

Not only was the design built with efficiency in mind, the team also never lost sight of safety features. The vacuum pump’s bearings are completely sealed to prevent fires and bursting when vacuuming, and customers can add fire extinguishers, LED work lights and spare parts to their order. The trailer also utilizes double shut-off protection and overflow shut-off valves.

Boss Vac is women-owned and supported by anonymous angel investors and located in Texas. The team is made up of professionals who have many years in the industry and came together with the common goal of designing a trailer that serves the needs of smaller-scale vacuum jobs.

For more information about these brand-new, high-quality and affordable vacuum excavation trailers, contact Jessica Dahle, vice president of business development, at 405-885-1234 or


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