Vactor 2100i Features Add Operator Ease and Efficiencies for TNT Sewer

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Vactor 2100i Features Add Operator Ease and Efficiencies for TNT Sewer

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Fifteen years ago, Rusty McFall started TNT Sewer, a premier provider of advanced pipeline diagnosis and repair. He has since then grown his territory throughout the state of Florida, and up through Georgia and Alabama, servicing municipalities, residential and commercial clients requiring sewer pipeline inspection, rehabilitation or repair. McFall worked for a private utility company for 10 years before TNT Sewer, making him well versed in the industry.   

When McFall decided to start his own business, he knew he needed the right equipment to grow his customer base. He first invested in an inspection camera and jet trailer through Environmental Products Group (EPG), a Vactor authorized dealer. When his business continued to grow and flourish, he eventually purchased a Vactor with a single axle. In 2016, he found that he was outgrowing the single axle Vactor and traded it in for a Vactor 2100 Plus with a tandem axle.

In 2019 McFall discovered the new Vactor 2100i and made the decision to upgrade his equipment. With the greater productivity, advanced features, simplified operation and added versatility of the 2100i, McFall states TNT Sewer can execute just about any job relating to underground utilities and excavation — from laying a new pipe down, repairing pipes, cleaning storm drains and manholes, and completing hydroexcavating in a fraction of the time compared to competitors.  

In addition, the standard features of the Vactor 2100i have stood out amongst others on the market and have proven to yield higher productivity and increased efficiencies. “The different capabilities that came with the equipment surpassed the other models on the market,” McFall says. “It makes my employees’ jobs a lot easier and requires less physical work.” 

McFall attributes the boosted efficiency to features like the RDB 1015 rapid deployment boom that significantly shortens setup and teardown time by deploying an extra 15 feet of hose in addition to the 10-foot telescopic boom, and the IntuiTouch control panel. McFall says that from the operator’s perspective, the IntuiTouch controls are more user-friendly and provide more useful information inside the truck. Key data including the water level found on the IntuiTouch display has been beneficial to plan for the workday and allows the operator to see how much water is available. 

“This allows us to plan accordingly and shows if I need to go on to the next lift station. This kind of key information shown right on the IntuiTouch display has been awesome for us; all the data is seen right there,” McFall says. 

McFall states that the reliability of the Vactor equipment has proven essential in his line of work. According to McFall, his Vactor 2100i operates around the clock, 10 hours, five days per week, and has only experienced minor issues. “My equipment just keeps running. I’ve spoken to many people who own trucks, and my equipment just keeps running and is rarely down unlike theirs.”

McFall mentions other advantages of the Vactor 2100i include the JetRodder water pump for continuous flow as well as the strong suction power from the blower that picks up heavier debris without any issues. 

Since TNT Sewer’s inception, McFall mentions the many contributions Vactor authorized dealer, EPG, has made to the success of his company, including added uptime and exceptional customer service. “I really haven’t found anyone better than their service personnel,” he says. “If I do break down, I am able to take my equipment in there and they take care of everything in a timely manner. They know how much it means to me to get back up and on the road and make it a priority. 

“I love how they are always involved — they will always get back to me promptly and that goes a long way in my line of work.”

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