WEF Announces 2020 Innovative Technology Award Winners

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The Water Environment Federation has announced two recipients of the 2020 Innovative Technology Awards. This competition recognizes up to four outstanding technologies and companies from among WEF Exhibitor Members who have introduced new innovative products or services related to the water sector.

To be eligible, the company must be a WEF Exhibitor Member and the technology must be installed and have been in use for more than one year, but not more than five years. Any new technology used within the water sector may be submitted.

Winning product: RJN Group Clarity

The RJN Group Clarity product uses utility flow monitors and condition data within a GIS framework to provide predictive analytics to identify issues, trends and hot spots.

In a world driven by data, Clarity is designed to help municipal utility owners and operators decipher the millions of data points collected by flow monitoring and condition assessment programs in seconds. Sophisticated analytics and data filtering tools translate and tailor data to clearly reveal issues, trends and hot spots, all presented spatially as GIS views.

Clarity puts flow monitoring data into motion with predictive analytics driven by proven algorithms and sophisticated automation tools. On-demand hydrographs and scattergraphs can be customized by site, timeline, rain events and other relevant factors to evaluate flow levels at any time. Real-time alerts and alarms not only monitor flow responses, but make compliance reporting timely and simple.

Tracking and monitoring system hydraulics is possible around the clock. When overflows occur, automated alarm notifications are viewable by site. Storm events can be viewed through time-lapse automation showing where and when rain fell, and the inflow and infiltration impacts.

Condition assessment data is available as it is collected. It is displayed by location and refined using customizable filters, spatially pointing to issues. Condition ratings, results and photo documentation bring each asset to life. On-demand heat maps and bubble maps make trouble areas and maintenance needs highly visible.

Clarity elevates analysis and promotes action, making data available as it is being collected. It delivers big-picture results to guide maintenance and capital planning budgets where they are needed. It is a single-source, easy-to-access platform for managing, tracking and reporting asset condition study results and improvement programs.

Clarity is changing the landscape for utility owners making condition and performance study data easily accessible with proven analytical tools that promote confident decision-making. Big data is easily digestible for prioritizing maintenance and bundling capital improvements.

Winning product: Xylem Flygt MAS 801 monitoring system

The Xylem Flygt MAS 801 monitoring system is a hardware and software package that uses data from a pump and conditions surrounding the pump station to make predictive diagnostics and analytics. This helps maximize energy use and diagnose issues with the pump and the system.

As the global water crisis deepens, the challenges facing water and wastewater managers are intensifying. Aging infrastructure has suffered from a history of under-investment and is crumbling under a growing population. An aging workforce has the industry on the brink of an unprecedented brain-drain and utilities are seeking ways to fill this institutional knowledge gap. Finally, there is a general need for simplicity to untangle the unnecessarily complexities of operating and maintaining wastewater equipment. By partnering with utilities to get ahead of these complex water issues, Xylem is developing new technologies and a smart water platform which address managers’ most complex pain points.

The Flygt MAS 801 monitoring system delivers asset management solutions that add value to utility operations while bringing in pump expertise and experience. During operation, pumping equipment has a potential for failure, whether it be a motor seizing, seal leakage or a stator windings short circuit. The MAS 801 takes a proactive approach to station diagnostics, streamlining the maintenance experience using powerful predictive analytics tools.

MAS 801 uses a 24/7 on-site overview of pump data and real-time station health check to detect failures before they potentially damage station infrastructure. With its remote accessibility, easy integration and ability to collect data and predict optimal pump servicing, the MAS 801 supports a pump station’s evolution into digitization.

Access to this level of data allows plant operations staff to identify any discrepancies within operation. As this tool trends data over time, the utility is able to deploy its maintenance teams at the times that will provide the most impact and avoid any unnecessary service calls but also prevent any catastrophic failures. Furthermore, it can use this information to optimize the time of prep work as required for a service call.

Overall the MAS 801 extends pump life by providing the user improved monitoring, with the following highlights:

• A standard MAS 801 offers an increase in data and alarm capabilities measuring 3-axis vibration, pump current and speed. The preventive maintenance functionality is enhanced by supporting the Flygt service policy and providing a number of optional reminders.

• Flygt’s previous monitoring technology, the MAS 711, didn’t have any preventive maintenance parameters, hence the MAS 801 offers a significant upgrade with current and vibration measurements.

• With the MAS 801 there is 15% reduction in time on diagnostics which are essential in the event of failure and/or alarm conditions.

• There is a significant increase in root cause analysis with the black box alarm and storage capabilities within the pump memory module.

• MAS 801 comes uploaded with electronic pump serial numbers and other data plate info as needed during inspection and major overhauls.

• With the MAS 801 there is a 90% reduced footprint within the control panel versus MAS 711, which required one operator panel per pump. The MAS 801 has one operator panel for up to 10 pumps and uses an intuitive touchscreen to navigate through the user windows.

• Operation and diagnostics are 50% quicker due to a more accessible and easy-to-use menu system.

With SCADA integration, the MAS 801 operator panel connects directly to an online dashboard, providing direct access via mobile device monitoring up to 10 pumps side-by-side for quick station overview, through an HMI touchscreen ranging from 7 to 15 inches, providing a more intuitive and accessible user experience. Real-time access to pump data with mobile devices is needed when control rooms are distant from the pump station.

The Flygt SUBCAB Power Cable offers two-wire communication, eliminating signal cables and improving on cable management during installation and maintenance and eliminating any signal noise. The power cable also uses screened and twisted lead pairs for improved temperature readings.

The MAS 801 solution is a predictive analytics solution that specifically focuses on the critical parameters (three-axis vibration, current, temperature and leakage) that are leading indicators of a potential failure and general health of the equipment. This solution allows the utility to be more efficient and cost-effective in managing its pumps, but also smarter about when and how to deploy its maintenance teams to unlock longer pump lifespans.


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