Televising and Jetting – Use Only One Truck for Both Applications

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Televising and Jetting – Use Only One Truck for Both Applications

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Many contractors own a camera truck and truck jet, but why not own a truck jet that incorporates televising capabilities in the same unit? Choosing this option can save on necessary upfront capital investment, increase productivity and decrease your carbon footprint.


A truck jet with televising capabilities is truly a multipurpose piece of equipment. With a single truck jet, there is no more waiting around for a camera truck and crew when you hit an obstruction in the line. The operator can utilize the televising capabilities to diagnose the issue on the spot and even go so far as to document the obstruction or event.

Less capital investment

It goes without saying that when you are only buying one piece of equipment instead of two, you are saving money. However, it also saves on the cost of operators, as fewer operators are required when one less piece of equipment is needed.

Eco-friendly footprint

In a world where being eco-friendly matters and communities care, decreasing your physical footprint is a point worth considering. By utilizing one truck to perform both televising and jetting functions, you eliminate the need for a camera truck entirely, and any emissions from the extra truck. 

Which model is the right fit for your application?

There are two different options to consider when looking into truck jets with a dedicated camera.

Model 800-HPRTV

Along with full jetting capabilities, this model’s televising system is powered by CUES and comes complete with a self-leveling straight view camera, color monitor, keyboard, footage counter and SD storage card. All components are housed in a temperature-controlled, weather-rated enclosure, located at the operator’s station. This camera will give the operator the ability to diagnose an obstruction that is discovered during jetting operations.

Model 800-HPRTV CREW

The Crew platform allows you to outfit your jetting truck with the camera system of your choice. There is a platform adjacent to the jet hose used to mount your preferred camera system. In addition, the truck can be configured to accommodate an extended cab chassis, which provides the space for a camera operator’s mobile office — complete with desk, chair, computer monitors and any other necessary accessories.

For more information on televising jet trucks, please visit or contact 800-323-1604.


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