Looking Ahead: CIPP Technology is Changing the Industry

CIPP has made a huge impact on the municipal underground infrastructure industry — completely transforming pipe rehab

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Looking Ahead: CIPP Technology is Changing the Industry

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Cured-in-place pipe for trenchless rehabilitation has made major strides since its inception 50 years ago. New advancements in technology have helped the installation process become safer and more efficient, and made CIPP a stronger, more durable solution for repairing failing pipes.

From new resins for stronger liners, to new fabrics for more flexible ones, the materials available have advanced significantly.

But the most impressive changes have come from the innovations in curing methods. The use of light-based technology, like SpeedyLight+ from PRT, has given installers a simpler, faster and more reliable method for curing.

Light-based advantages

Unlike curing with hot water or steam, light-based curing can be used on both felt and fiberglass liners, which provides versatility when confronted with bends or transitions in a line. And there’s no on-site wet-out required, no mixing of resin and no refrigeration needed. 

Because SpeedyLight+ uses LEDs rather than incandescent bulbs, it consumes three times less energy than standard lamp-based technology while emitting four times more radiant energy. This can mean a more complete cure using fewer resources and less time.

Looking ahead

The impact CIPP has made on the municipal underground infrastructure industry is incomparable — completely transforming municipalities’ approaches to pipe rehabilitation. As we look to the future with light-based technologies, we only expect to see more and more innovation in the world of CIPP. 

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